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Mystic Melee, we had the chance to play it’s Early Access and here’s what we thought of the new indie platformer.

Where does our journey begin? Who are we in Mystic Melee? To answer this we must look into the past!

Legends tell of the Mystic Age when civilization flourished. Magic was used to power cities and technology. The galaxy was ruled by peaceful monarchs until…  Graven, the Mad King, saw a path to greater power…and the cities burned. Centuries later, a dark age still shrouds the galaxy. Those that seek to restore what was lost have built the Mystic Academy, where mages hone their skills and try to unlock the secrets of the past…

In Mystic Melee you take on the role of a trainee magician trying to bring an end to the dark age of the galaxy. But first, you will have to prove your worth by mastering the abilities of the past. You will need to hone both your magical and physical abilities to have any chance of making it through the challenges Mystic Melee has in store for you.

Mystic Melee


The game has a spectacular mix of physics-based platforming and imaginative spells. You play as four arcane wizards facing the monsters and minions of an evil sorcerer who threatens the galaxy. Gale the Storm Adept, Amaya Priestess of the Falls, Torr the Stone Monk, and Seraphina, Flame runner.

Each of the characters have their own unique skills. However, they all play about the same outside of their abilities. The game, while not brutally punishing, makes it clear that trying to make the leaderboards is where the real challenge is.

Run, Don’t Walk if You Want To Reach the Top

The game is a physics platforming at its core. You need to keep moving and use the level design to your advantage. The real challenge is the enemies in your way which can make it difficult to break that record time. Fight, dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge your way through. If your goal is to make the leaderboards you’ll have to use every possible trick to make it.

Mystic Melee

This is Only a Test

Currently, the game is still in early access. The team at Serenity Forge said that after about 6 months Mystic Melee would get a full release and that was three months ago. With that said, as it sits right now, Mystic Melee doesn’t disappoint. With its awesome level design and the great music it’s well worth picking up the early access version. So why not go and give it a try? Can you make it to the top of the leaderboards? Can you prove you got what it takes to free the galaxy from the dark age its shroud in? Prove it in Mystic Melee and pick up the game on Steam and before we go we’d quickly like to thank the team at Serenity Forge for providing us with a free code to download the game from Steam.

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