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Murderous Pursuits Announced For PC: If Assassin’s Creed Multiplayer Were Its Own Game

Murderous Pursuits has been announced as a PC exclusive “Stealth-em-up” assassination game on Steam. And we can’t shake the feeling this was directly inspired by Assassin’s Creed multiplayer.

Earlier today developer Blazing Griffin announced their new game “Murderous Pursuits” for PC via Steam. It is a new stealth assassination game set on an Airship during the Victorian era. It is currently a PC-exclusive and is due for release this March. In an alternate reality Victorian era, time travel is just a way of life for the populace and the upper class are invited on a mysterious new cat-and-mouse game paid for by a mysterious benefactor known only as Mr. X.

As the game’s name gives away, murder is your goal, but your pre-preparation is just as important as the tense moments of panic-ridden, on-the-fly adjustments to your plan unfolds unexpectedly. The game is developed by the team behind The Ship: Remasted, which received mixed reviews, but this new game looks to have a solid foundation that seems directly inspired by another popular series: Assassin’s Creed multiplayer. Since AC dropped their MP portion, it only makes sense for someone else to pick up where they left off, especially since no one else has tried their hand at the formula.

The game is described as;

Players will find themselves surrounded by scores of innocent AI party-goers and patrolling guards, and up to 8 passengers (be they humans or bots) must compete for the favor of Mr. X as they plot their gloriously violent acts, all while hiding in plain sight. That means identifying their assigned quarry in a crowd and plotting their demise, all while keeping a low profile and an eye out for suspicious individuals who could be their very own hunter.

Players are given a wide variety of tools to take advantage of their situation as they compete for greatness. All without getting caught. The biggest of all are vignettes, which are special locations that allow nearby characters to participate in a variety of highbrow activities, like appreciating art and discussing foreign economics. These are used to make you appear like AI NPC’s, and thus turn away the competitions suspicion of who you are. Players can bring a wide range of unique boons to the fight as well, which range from temporary disguises and flash grenades to the ability to counter another player’s dastardly deed.

Key Features

  • Thrill of the hunt: Identify your quarry, plan their extravagant murder and set it into motion, all before another player wises up and does the same to you
  • Think like an AI: Use busy, reactive environments to your advantage, as you hide in plain sight and mimic the actions of surrounding AI party-goers to get the jump on your quarry
  • The best laid plans: Outmaneuver your adversaries and react to changing plans on the fly with a variety of abilities including disguises, flash bombs, and counters
  • Murder with excellence: Be discrete, commandeer a high-value weapon, and dance over your quarry’s lifeless body to earn Mr. X’s favour
  • Human after all: Play solo or online multiplayer with other players, featuring support for custom game options and wickedly intelligent bots
  • An alternate reality: Step aboard the HMCS Britannic, a state-of-the-art, colonial time ship built at the height of the British Empire’s lavish Victorian era. It also just so happens to fly

Murderous Pursuits is set to release exclusively on PC in March, while no specific release date was given, expect to see one quite soon. For more information, check out Blazing Griffin’s official website, and stay tuned for any additional information as it’s released.

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