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Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Adding Ranked Mode To Its Trick List.

As if the game wasn’t brutal enough! Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is adding a new ranked mode to its trick list. They’re giving us a Social Conquest mode to pair with the Vendettas we all know and love. This new mission type, called “Social Conquest,” sounds like a cross between capture the base and build your own level. In it, you will use your followers and captains from your army, and set up a captured fortress however you choose to defend it. Then release it to the internet and allow other players to try and conquer it. It’s worth noting that you will be able to purchase upgrades for your defenders before you open it up for conquest. Check out our own take on the games’ microtransactions here for more on that.

It’s important to note that this setup of your fortress takes place in your version of Mordor. Although attacking players can kill or brand any of the defenders, including captains, they will not be able to take those branded characters over to their version of the game. Which leads us to another feature of this game mode.

Friendly Conquests VS Ranked Mode.

It is possible to take on a “friendly” conquest attempt, in which players do not put any of their troops at risk. Which sounds like a really good way to test builds. In Ranked mode, however, everything is at risk! Yes, in ranked mode if your followers die, including your captains, they are dead in your game too. Also at risk will be your assault rating. With each successful conquest, your assault rating will improve or fall with each successful or failed attempt. There are also rewards for succeeding in these conquests, including loot chests and spoils of war, which will be able to be used in the main game.

Vendettas are Back!

Yes, one fun thing they brought over from Shadow of Mordor, the Vendettas are back. This time it’s more than just summon the orc that killed my friend and beat him down. Now it sounds like they turned it into a war chief hunt/boss fight like from the original game. So now you have to find the big baddie AND then draw him out. Sounds like developers are doing this sequel right. Making the things we already loved better, and introducing a new competitive game mode, that promises to keep the fun going even after the last Orc falls.


This comes hot on the heels of their Microtransactions announcement. How they will affect this multiplayer component remains to be seen, but we’re leery they will give players an advantage. At least at first. The developers are adamant about everything being attainable in game. So perhaps it will only give players an advantage at first, and players who actually earn their power will catch up. Or, perhaps, these battles will hinge more on your followers and the armies you’ve built rather than just yourself.

What do our Coin Droppers think? Now that Microtransactions are a thing, and there is a now a multiplayer component, will we see that turn into a pay to win?

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