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TimCoin-Drop Co-Founder
As my bio says, I am a gamer through and through. So much so that I named my daughter Zelda, well, her middle name at least. I have been gaming since I could hold a controller, and have been active in the industry the majority of my adult life. I have wanted to have a gaming website for about a decade now, and here we finally are.

Here at Coin-Drop we will strive to bring you the best news and reviews while being completely honest, and maintaining our integrity. However we will not pander to anyone, so if you don’t like what we have to say, tough luck. Media is supposed to be objective, and 90% of the time we can and should be. Except we are only human, and our personal opinions are sometimes necessary, especially in our industry.

Coin-Drop is not only a site for gamers, but it will also be about you. So stay tuned to what we have, and keep an eye on the site for all the best news and reviews.