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Paula Fussball
Paula FussballCoin-Drop Author/Editor
I’ve been playing games since I was old enough to be grounded from Mortal Kombat. Though in all honesty, my parents are the ones who kicked off my interest in games. I remember watching them co-op Lost Vikings on the Genesis, and laughing as my mom kicked my dad’s derriere in Doom. (My mom kicked our butts at everything: Pokemon, Neopets, you name it.)

Since then, I have become a fan of pretty much everything out there. I always try to judge a game by the efforts of the developer: did they do everything they could to make this an incredible game, or did they get lazy and knock something out for the money? While I believe in giving developers the benefit of the doubt, I also believe in honesty. If a networking strategy is crap, I will call it crap.

I am always eager to talk about the latest gaming news, and I love it when people prove me wrong. That’s the best way to learn.

I am excited to be a part of the Coin-Drop team. I can finally call all those hours of gaming, “Productivity.” I look forward to being “productive” and discussing the world of gaming with you glorious people.

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