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Magitek Exosuits Arrive For Final Fantasy XV & More

Hot on the heels of Episode Prompto come final fantasy 15 update 1.13 which brings Magitek Exosuits and the beloved Chocobo Carnival back to the game.

That’s not all either, the latest update also brings a new battle system and a new quest. The best part is this content is free for everyone. Square is truely making FFXV the game that keeps on giving. With another update in the bag for their bromance/camping simulator adds some new fashion and gameplay mechanics.

Go, go Exosuits.

Armor seemed to be the one thing that was missing from the main game of Final Fantasy XV. (Except of course for the other half of the game that we all feel like shouldn’t be chopped into DLC.) And this update seems to be making up for that as it brings us the Magitek Exosuits. Donning the suits will not only have you looking like the countless Magitek soldiers that you beat down, it will also grant you 30 min. of invincibility. This ability has a 24 hour cooldown on it though, so the suit is not worthless after that 30 minute time period is up. Not to mention the fashion sense that it provides.

Although they look different than originally planned, they do look better than the Power Rangers design of the past.

magitek exosuits

Moogle Chocobo carnival is back!

Ah yes, the update that was supposed to make Altissia feel like not a complete waste of time, the Moogle Chocobo Carnival is back. According to the latest news, through sometime in late September you can wander around and delight in the mini games and lighthearted fun of this mascot festival.

“Cross chain” collaboration system.

A new combat mechanic will help increase your offense by linking together attacks from the members of the team. After you’ve completed chapter 2 you will gain access to the new “cross chain” battle system. When weakening an enemy to a vulnerable state, you can deal massive damage by linking attacks from each member of your boy band. Each successive attack will increase the percentage of damage dealt ending in a powerful final attack if you can achieve a 10 hit link.

A new Hunter HQ quest “O Partner, My Partner.”

This new hunt promises to test your abilities with a vicious new enemy, Melisune. From all accounts so far, you are going to need your brand new Exosuits, with the invincibility they provide. Also, mastering the new cross chain combo system will help you deliver the fatal blow.

If you missed it, check out Tims review of Episode Gladiolus, or the trailer on the recently released Episode Prompto. There’s also still plenty to look forward to with the game, such as Ignis’ DLC, and the Multiplayer DLC. So stay tuned for those.

So what do you think Coin Droppers? Are all these additions that should have been in the game to begin with? Did you enjoy the game your first playthrough without them (we sure did). Let us know in the comments below.

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