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Mad Farm Review, A Zombie Farm No One Asked For – Russ

Mad Farm is a bland and dull wave survival game that truly could have been something unique and enjoyable.

Sometimes Doing This The Same As Everyone Else Is the Right Choice.

I’m not sure what happened along the way with Mad Farm but at some point, the developers must have gone mad themselves. This game is a mess. The controls are bonkers and go against the grain of every other VR wave shooter game out there. You click in and hold the thumbstick to bring up an awkward compass(?) that has your four weapons on it as well as the ammo for the said weapon. Navigate to the weapon of choice and poof it’s in your hand. This system is insanely clunky and often doesn’t read your input. Good luck trying to change weapons quickly. What’s even more strange about this choice is that none of the other buttons on the controller do anything. You literally only use the triggers other than clicking in the thumbstick to select a weapon. Now I get trying to set yourself apart and do something different with your controls to set you apart but this… This is awful.

Mad Farm

Mad Hitboxes, Rediculous Weapons

I try to give indie games a little more slack than triple-A games. But that only goes so far. One of my largest complaints about this game was how inconsistent the hitboxes are for the monsters. I’ll swing my ax at their head and miss the first time even though they’re right in front of me. On the next swing, It registered and they die. Leading me to another big issue I have with the game Everything but the bow is a one-shot kill?! What the fuck is that about? Whether you throw the ax or hit a monster with it “insta-kill.” Cut them with the chainsaw “Insta-kill” Hit 10 feet away from them with the sling bomb… That one actually makes sense but seriously? Just because the bow has infinite arrows? Ironically, The bow is also the only weapon that can glitch too. Accedently grab the bowstring without an arrow and you literally cant release it. Ran out of ammo for all the other weapons? As the Meme Says, “Guess I’ll Die.”

Mad Farm

A Disappointing Experience

When I saw the trailer for Mad Farm it seemed interesting. A cool Minecraft-ish block wave survival game? Seems interesting enough… Sadly it was ultimately underwhelming and disappointing. Even at the price of 9.99 on Steam, this is one game VR owners might want to just pass up.

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