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Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival Makes Key Improvements Over Rover’s Garden Safari – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The second half of Rover’s Garden Safari was a disaster for the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp community, but Nintendo listened to players’ feedback and made several key adjustments to Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival.

Rover’s Garden Safari was the first major mess for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Butterfly catch rates for the second half of the event were abysmally low, making it incredibly difficult to finish an event which was based on catching these critters. Players were frustrated and outraged. Fortunately, Nintendo heard those cries of frustration, and they’ve made a few key changes to ensure that their new event, Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival, does not face the same problems.

Kudos to Takeshim and bluesun over on Reddit for compiling a list of the spawn/catch/grow rate changes that came with Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival.

A Better UI for Better Neighbors

In AC:PC’s gardening events, players are encouraged to visit each others’ gardens to water plants and share critters. But this quickly turned into a tedious task in Rover’s Garden Safari because there was no way to tell if a friend’s garden needed tending without visiting the garden. In practice, this meant a player had to make educated guesses as to which gardens were due for watering and which gardens had openings for sharing critters, and these guesses were often wrong, meaning the player sat through several loading screens for nothing.

Fortunately, this problem has been solved in time for Lottie’s event with a simple UI change: players can see from the friend menu whether a garden needs watering, and they can see exactly how many slots are currently open for critter sharing.

It’s a small change that makes a huge difference. Now players can be far more efficient, and far more willing to visit friends.

Lottie's Gothic Rose Festival Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Increased Catch Rates

As I mentioned above, catch rates were at the heart of players’ frustration with Rover’s Garden Safari. Fortunately, catch rates have been increased across the board for Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival:

Tier 1 Critter:
65% -> 80% (15% increase)
Tier 2 Critter:
50% -> 55% (5% increase)
Tier 3 Critter:
40% -> 53% (13% increase)
Tier 5 Critter:
35% -> 48% (13% increase)

It is important to note that while the catch rates have increased, spawn rates have not. This means the highest tier critter will only spawn on 1 out of 4 new flowers. Players will have to start early and plant plenty if they want to catch all the critters before the event ends.

Lottie's Gothic Rose Festival Bat Catches Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

And share with your friends! These bats will disappear at the end of the event, so there is no need to keep them around. Finding friends who are active is a great way to ensure that those empty flowers you have get filled with bats from friends. If you are short on friends, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has many Facebook groups which are a great way to find fellow players who will help you out. My favorite is this one.

Shorter Growing Times – Less Dead Plants

While the spawn rates have stayed the same, growing times have decreased. Players will be able to grow more rounds of flowers in a shorter amount of time. And since the growing time has fallen to under three hours, it also means players’ flowers will not wilt if they are left unattended for too long. Players can look forward to coming home to a garden full of flowers and bats, instead of a garden full of wilted leaves.

Of course, watering will still be needed at the usual intervals, and watering friends’ plants is a great way to pick up some extra friend dust.

More Seeds = More Flowers = More Bats

Seed drop rates have also been increased. Sharing bats has a higher percentage to earn seeds for second half bats, and seed drops from villager requests are also up for red and fusion x1 seeds. There has also been a new fusion x2 seed added which has a 15% chance to be earned from villager requests.

Altogether, this means active players won’t have to worry about running out of seeds as they pursue those elusive bats.

Lottie's Gothic Rose Festival Bat Catches Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Players coming into Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival will have a better time identifying which friends need help in their gardens. They will also get better catch rates, more seeds, and speedier flower growth.

It seems Nintendo has done a good job to make sure this gardening event doesn’t go over as poorly as the last one.

If you want to keep up with the latest AC:PC news, keep an eye on this page.

If you missed the first couple months of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and you would like to know what happened, check out this article.

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