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Legend Of Kay: Anniversary Launches On Switch Next Month

A game that repeatedly gets ported is keeping that legacy, Legend of Kay: Anniversary has been announced to be launching on the Nintendo Switch next month!

Has there ever been a game that you were always mildly interested in, and maybe even bought a time or two but never got around to playing it? That’s Legend of Kay for me. I bought it back on PS2, then again when it was remastered on the PS4, but for some reason (other games and my lack of time) I never got around to it.

Now, it looks like I have another chance on the Switch, which I happen to bring with me almost everywhere. Even though I though I’d never undock the thing, but that’s a different point.

Fans of the game should be excited for May 29th, as this is when Legend of Kay on Nintendo Switch.

Since the games original release on the PS2, Legend of Kay has decent review scores by both critics and consumers alike and was subsequently ported to the Nintendo DS™. 10 years later, the game was remastered and ported to PC/Mac/Linux, PS3, Xbox 360 and later for PS4 and Wii U under the name Legend of Kay Anniversary.

It’s a wonder that the game has managed to get ported and remastered so many times, but we haven’t seen a proper sequel yet. Perhaps, just maybe, if this one manages to sell well enough we’ll finally see that happen. In the meantime, I’ll have to finally give the game a go.

Be sure to check out the official website for additional details, and check out what the game will look like in some screenshots below.

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