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League of Legends’ Lunar Revel Has Limited Rewards For Players Who Don’t Spend Money

The League of Legends 2018 Lunar Revel event puts a cap on how much players can earn via their playtime and favors players who have money to burn.

In previous events, loyal League of Legends players could earn all of an event’s big-ticket items if they put in every ounce of their free time. But not this year. Players who finish every mission, including the event’s secret mission, can earn 96 tokens. But that is only enough to buy one of the event’s big-ticket items.

This year’s Lunar Revel has nine big-ticket items. To be clear, when I call something a big ticket item I am referring to new, event-specific items that can be earned directly by using event currency. This includes things like chromas, icons, and limited edition borders. This does not include items like the Revel Orb or Revel Skin Shard in which your currency is sent off to the RNG gods and you may or may not get something you want.

The Lunar Revel’s big ticket items are six Golden Chromas, and three event exclusive borders that come with an icon each. Unfortunately, players who don’t have money to spend can only have one. And even then, those items are useless unless you have already purchased the corresponding skin that the chroma or border is attached to.

Don’t believe me? I did some math. I went down the list of Lunar Revel items and I calculated what a player’s haul would be if they earned all 96 tokens, bought one of the Lunar Revel items, big ticket or small, and then spent the rest of their tokens on the most expensive items they could still afford until no tokens were left. This is what I found:

  • 1 Golden Chroma. That’s it. It takes all 96 Revel Tokens.
  • 1 Lunar Revel Border (icon included), 2 Key Fragments, and 80 Blue Essence
  • What I like to call the, “Pray to the RNG Gods” package: 1 Revel Skin Shard, and 1 Revel Orb.
  •  2 Revel Orbs, and 80 Blue Essence.

Of course, a player can unlock all of the items, or buy some Revel Tokens outright, with a handy pile of RP, League of Legends’ microtransaction currency. Here are some of the bundles you can buy with RP:

  • 5500 RP (Roughly $43 USD): Legendary Lunar Revel Loot Bundle (22 Revel Orbs + 2 Bonus Revel Orbs, Bonus Revel Grab Bag, and 96 Revel Tokens)
  • 2500 RP (~$20 USD): 10 Revel Orbs + Bonus Revel Orb + 44 Revel Tokens
  • 1500 RP (~$12 USD): Exclusive Puppy Warwick Bundle (Warwick Puppy Ward, 1 Golden Revel Token, 3 Revel Orbs, and 12 Revel Tokens)
  • 1500 RP (~$12 USD): Exclusive Puppy Nasus Bundle (Nasus Puppy Ward, 1 Golden Revel Token, 3 Revel Orbs, and 12 Revel Tokens)
  • 250 RP (~$2 USD): Revel Orb + 4 Revel Tokens

Now, I understand Riot needs money to keep the lights on, but come on. This is a severe departure from League of Legends’ previous events. One good item for an entire week of my limited game time is a disappointing offer. And not only that, but the event’s key rewards are still partially hidden behind a paywall: you have to buy the skins to use the chromas or the borders. I’m usually not one to get mad at gaming companies for wanting to get paid for their hard work, but seriously. This is in no way rewarding for players who want to put their time into the event.

Riot, plz.

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