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Kritika Online Gets New Content – PAX West Hands On

At PAX West En Masse showed off some of their newest patches for Kritika Online, making me think twice about passing up this instance driven game.

One of the new changes En Masse will be implementing is gear evolution. They want players to obtain the highest-level gear and then upgrade it, not replace it. This adds a new function to the current end game instances. Now you can run them for higher level gear or complete them and get materials that will evolve your gear into the next tier. By giving players two ways to get the next tier of gear it might help reduce some of the time spent grinding.

Kritika’s new bosses will also have key weaknesses and strengths you’ll have to exploit. For example, one of the new bosses has a sword in the middle of the room. Throughout the fight, the sword will occasionally get a health bar. Once it appears, you have to attack it and deplete its health quickly or it will fully heal the boss. We’ve seen this style of dynamic boss battles in games like Final Fantasy XIV and it’s always cool to see bosses that aren’t the standard “tank and spank.”

A New Classes

A new class is also coming to Kritika Online in October. She’s called a Psion and uses magical swords as well as two awesome pistols. In addition to the new class, players will have the option to pay for cosmetic costume packs with micro transactions or find them in game. En Masse told us that very little of the games cosmetic items are locked behind paywalls. Most of their micro transactions are for only cosmetic items or for items that will speed up gameplay without ruining it. In fact, according to the developers, some of the coolest cosmetic items can only be obtained by farming.

Final Thoughts

In light of the team’s dedication to listening to fans and continued support, I will likely give Kritika Online another shot sometime in the future. Thankfully, the game is free to play so you don’t have to worry about buying into the game and then being upset with your purchase. It’s a game that inherently seems fun if you like watching big numbers go up like the end game content in Diablo 3.

This new class will be rolled out sometime in October and the dungeon content is available now. For future information and updates on Kritika Online stick with us Coin Droppers. Kritika Online is a free to play multiplayer game that released earlier this year Download it here.

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