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Kritika Online Open Beta Review, It’s Not What You’d Hope – Russ

Kritika Online fails to land a Kritical Hit.

After the announcement of the open beta for Kritika Online, I figured I’d jump in and check it out. I played TERA Online for a long time and really enjoyed it so I was expecting a lot from En Masse Entertainments new Action MMORPG. The character classes seemed cool enough on paper. Each one had three evolved versions with different specializations unlocked at level 15.

Unfortunately, I was taken back by the fact that each class is sex restricted. Now, this could be simply because it’s in “Open Beta” But I get the feeling that’s not the case. I get the feeling that, if you want to play a Reaper, you’re stuck with only playing as a female. This kind of class restriction is always disheartening when seen in a NEW game. Why can’t I be a male Reaper or a Female Warrior? It’s 2017 guys come on.



A Hacking and Slashing Good Time

There is some good news though. The game plays fantastically. The controls are solid, the combat feels good and the skills are well animated and feel powerful. All this makes for some really fun combat that feels like an awesome hack and slash adventure game. Players even have a choice to have skills attack in whichever way the camera is facing or whichever way the player is facing.

The story is your typical blah blah MMO. Great evil, blah blah blah, destroy him before he corrupts the world blah blah. To be more specific this guy invents this new technology, everyone freaks out because it makes life like 1000 times easier and he basically becomes king. Then he uses his tech for evil makes this giant robot called a Titan and people hate him. Blah blah blah mad king. You get the idea.  The story overall is subpar but made up for with fun combat that feels great and the controls work well. The downside of all this is sex restricted characters and micro-transactions (Yuck but I get it. Gotta make that money. At least their model is better than Star Wars the Old Republic.)



Kritika Swings and Misses

But here’s the real downside. This isn’t an MMO. It plays like a single player game. Each and every zone is instanced and stupidly small. I mean smaller than the “dungeons” in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, small so you never see anyone. The towns are minuscule, it’s like two towns had a child and this was their infant son, small. Don’t get me wrong the game was fun to play for the two hours it held my attention but this is far from an MMO.

Hopefully, it’s far from a finished product too but I have a feeling this is much more done than not. Would I pay to play it? Fuck no. Would I get it for free, avoid giving them a cent of my hard-earned money and play it occasionally? Yea, probably. So overall, it’s worth playing for a little but it’s not something I see people playing for years or even months. Let alone playing it with friends. Make it Kritika Offline and sell it as a solo game and you’d be better off En Masse Entertainment. Better luck next time guys. Thanks for checking out the article Coin Droppers. Let me know what your feelings are on Kritika in the comments.


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