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Dethroned King of Kong, Billy Mitchell, Claims Innocence

Billy Mitchell has released a video statement claiming that the Twin Galaxies ruling that has invalidated his gaming career is false. Billy claims to have a preponderance of evidence to exonerate himself.

Pathological Lying?

In a video response to Twin Galaxies, Billy Mitchell claims that ‘Witnesses, documents, everything will be made available to you.’ According to the statement, Billy will present evidence that his records were valid when they were recorded. Odd, considering the ruling was an anonymous decision based on the impossibility of his submitted footage.

Of course, Billy Mitchell may not even care about being absolved of years of allegations. Although his feats were impressive, his real fame came from the controversy surrounding them. Billy could’ve have simply maintained his silence. Then, he could’ve accepted the end of the saga. But the story continues if Billy claims innocence. Billy Mitchell can continue to thrive in the space between hero and villain. I do believe that Billy will produce something. However, I doubt it will definitively prove anything. Billy has had years and years to make his case. Presumably he would’ve made some effort to prevent his records from being invalidated.

Although, I suppose there is a chance that Billy has been legitimate this whole time. Perhaps, Billy Mitchell realized long ago that there would be far more infamy in being an accused cheater than just an accomplished retro gamer. I don’t have much confidence in that theory, though.

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