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Tripwire The Next Installation of Killing Floor, This Time With A Twist

Tripwire Interactive, the developers beind Killing Floor, are back. And this time there is a small twist to the gratuitous violence.

What’s better than killing hordes of Zeds? I’ll tell you: Killing hordes of Zeds in virtual reality! Tripwire interactive were showcasing their latest installment in their hit Zombie-brawler “Killing Floor: Incursion” at Oculus Connect 4 in San Jose, CA this week which they had announced the title back in August.

Killing Floor: Incursion features Single and Multi-player game modes covering a range of environments and enemy types. You will fight against “Zeds”, mutations of something that was once human. They’re bloodthirsty, brain-hungry and outnumber you hundreds-to-one. A range of weapons are available to help you out, both ranged and (more importantly) melee weapons. You can finally pick up a fire axe and wield it, creating a swathe of annihilation across the maps in fully 3-dimensional gore-filled Virtual Reality.

Killing Floor 2 has become the latest “Left 4 Dead” game to completely take off, filling the void that the absence of Left 4 Dead left after dying out completely. Tripwire Interactive has sold a whopping 1.6 million copies since the game’s release in November ’16. The latest evolution of their game series feels like a natural step on from their co-op survival horror, Killing Floor: Incursion will fill a space in the current VR games market. Doubtless, it will nudge Superhot aside and successfully do what Resident Evil 5 tried to do all those years ago on the Nintendo Wii.

This game has made me go from being apathetic about VR to seriously consider buying an Oculus Rift. Hopefully, it will for you, too.

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