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Kickstarter Welcomes Dolmen a Sci-Fi Horror Survival- April

Dolmen comes to Kickstarter to scare the crap out of us all! A Dark Souls, Mass Effect-esq game that will make us beg for more.

Where the Fuck are We Now?

We’re all familiar with the scare of waking up from cryosleep, all of our other crew members gone, the ship that was meant to be going somewhere important now stuck on some strange space rock or being ransacked by some malevolent force.  From waking up in cryo to find your wife/husband being killed and your baby being stolen, to waking up from cryo aboard the Nostromo. Even as far back as waking up aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. Cryo sleep is never good. This time, in Dolmen, we’re on the god-forsaken rock called Revion Prime. How do we know this? Because we’re damn good at being a space person! But really, the navigation told us and we’re really far from home now.


So What’s Going On?

Massive Work Studio introduces Dolmen, a sci-fi horror survival game. You play an earthling who becomes marooned on Revion Prime and must survive the horror that the rock has to offer.

 In a dark place, miles away from the surface of that strange planet, inside the caves which once were part of an evolved society. A society that no longer exists. There’s just a lonely person, from the distant Earth, trying to be part of that place to survive it. He’s the only witness to what’s left of something he may never completely understand completely. But he must either try or become a part of its remains. There’s no option.



Dolmen will work as a 3rd person, over the shoulder, shooter. It will feature ranged and melee fighting, forcing those of us who hate ranged to really challenge ourselves. Dolmen will tote the survival aspect that many games have right now, requiring the player to mine for resources and to craft their own weapons and armor so they can survive on the harsh planet. It will also feature the love of experience points, letting you level your character’s traits and skills. When the game comes up to being released on console and PC, Massive Work Studio hopes to introduce online co-op and PvP. I personally would have liked to see a local co-op, but we still have a little bit to go so they may introduce this as well! We can only hope.

At this point and time, we are looking at a game that shares some of the best aspects of famous games we all have come to love. We have the option of using both ranged and melee fighting that will keep us from getting too bored. We have the horror of space, an unknown that will always get my heart pumping at least. And we have the love/hate relationship of mining resources so we can craft armor and weapons.


When Does it Come Out?!

Well… Dolmen is launching its Kickstarter April 4th, 2018.  With the hope that they are able to get many many backers, Massive Work Studio is trying to release an early access on Steam September 2018. And, of course, when these kinds of games release their early access versions, prices are typically cheaper. Luckily, in September Massive Work Studio plans to release their early access for $20-$30!  If all goes according to plan they will release the game with the help of Square Enix to Xbox and Playstation in 2019 or 2020. I can say that I am very excited for this game to come out and will be backing it on Kickstarter this next month!


Visit the Official Website to learn more!

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