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Iron Galaxy Drop A New Gameplay Trailer For Extinction

Killer Instinct Developers Iron Galaxy have dropped a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming release “Extinction”, and boy does it looks EPIC!

Back in June we detailed the announcement of Extinction – a game that looks to mash Assassin’s Creed and Attack on Titan into one awesome looking game. A combination of storylines and environments that will hopefully collide in a great way to deliver a game that is something between Assassin’s Creed, Fable, and Nier. Killer Instinct Devs have left us with a new gameplay trailer to sate our cravings for this game until its release in the first Quarter of 2018. Let’s take a look:


Extinction is set in an alternate dimension where Sentinels (the Heroes) are constantly warring against Revenii (150ft-tall orcs) and gargoyles (annoying, flying beasties) to protect humanity. The Ogres have been absent and hiding in the darkness for so long that only one of the Sentinels remains. The world looks like a cell-shaded desert, with townships and such scattered around it.

You’ll play as Anvil, the last remaining Sentinel who is not only tasked with saving humanity, but he’s the only one capable of doing so. With dynamic fights and fully destructible worlds, the game will never play the same way twice.


The game itself looks like a cross between God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Fable, and Assassin Creed to me. All the while mixed twth the graphical style along the lines of Breath of the Wild, only with a LOT more blood. The combat system seems to be intuitive, fast-paced and combo-based. Given that the minds behind one of the most popular Beat ‘Em Ups in history – Killer Instinct –  are behind this game, it’s clear to see elements of that genre in the combat system.

You have a large amount of ways in which to approach the encounters with the Ogres, with one common thread: Cut off their head. They can regenerate their limbs, so whilst taking their foot off at the knee might drop them, it’s short lived and only a means to the decapitation. How you get to their head varies and is a matter of choice: Climb a building or mountain, or just take their leg off.

As mentioned above, this game features randomly generated Ogres. Each one will behave differently and appear with different armor sets which will require a different approach to remove. This will give Extinction a large level of replayability. Meaning that you might (and probably) won’t see every enemy type in your first playthrough!

To add even more variety to the game, features a Skirmish mode. This mode will allow players to create their own unique battlegrounds with varied objectives. They can then be shared online to test other players abilities.


Whilst there isn’t much new information in this gameplay trailer, I like the way that Iron Galaxy have already started building the lore surrounding the game. The latest trailer gives us a brief back-story to pique our interest.

The game doesn’t have a set release date, with the official site still saying “Early 2018”, so be sure to check back with us for all the latest news about Extinction, and everything else the industry has to offer.

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