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Destiny 2’s Iron Banner Does Little to Stand Out

From the gear to the gameplay, Destiny 2’s Iron Banner is simply a new skin on the same content.

This week, the long anticipated Iron Banner arrived in Destiny 2. In a fresh take on the mode, Bungie disabled power levels and removed the old medallion system from Destiny 1. This was a welcome change, since the power levels only served to punish new players as veterans wailed on them with an obscene level advantage. However, Bungie didn’t change anything else for the event, leaving us with a standard quickplay queue focused on control maps.

But even in Destiny 1, players didn’t flock to the Iron Banner for the gameplay. They came for the limited edition loot and bragging rights. And boy howdy, does the Destiny 2 gear look good! But that’s about all the gear has going for it. The guns and gear have the same stats and perks as existing gear, with only the standout Iron Banner style to set it apart. So, while the gear won’t give players any advantages over existing gear, it will at least be a great style upgrade for any Guardians who haven’t found the right look yet.

Iron Banner Gear

All that being said, Bungie did bring back the Shores of Time map from D1 (Now dubbed Distant Shores), which was a welcome throwback to the original Destiny. In fact, Shores of Time was the first map I played back when I competed in Iron Banner for the first time, so I felt all kinds of nostalgic walking those familiar halls once more. And while I am disappointed that they didn’t do anything to shake up Iron Banner such as they did with the Faction Rally, it is still one of my favorite game modes and I will be glued to those battlegrounds for the rest of the week to get that sweet, sweet gear. Because hey, if I’m going to crush in the Crucible, I might as well look good doing it.

What do you think? Are you pleased with D2’s Iron Banner? Disappointed? Let us know in the comments.

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