StarCraft Themed Brawl Coming to Heroes of the Storm

New PVE StarCraft brawl will be coming in the latest Heroes of the Storm patch to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the revered strategy game, along with a few other goodies.

In 1998, a relatively young development company called Blizzard Entertainment released a sci-fi RTS called StarCraft. StarCraft was a massive critical and commercial success. It was an unprecedented hit for the company. Blizzard has since grown to reliably release cultural juggernauts such as World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Overwatch. Blizzard is now releasing a special brawl to celebrate this history on March 30th for its frequently maligned MOBA attempt, Heroes of the Storm.


Heroes of the Storm was Blizzard’s attempt to crack the MOBA market in 2015. Heroes of the Storm carved out a niche for players frustrated with the MOBA tropes, although it failed to scratch MOBA behemoths League of Legends and DOTA. Heroes of the Storm ignored last hit mechanics and liberally distributed experience among all teammates. Best of all, it introduced a world where our favorite Blizzard characters could be given new life.

Heroes of the Storm


Heroes of the Storm seems an appropriate game to celebrate company milestones, particularly because of its status as a melting pot for the entire Blizzard library. Heroes of the Storm is getting roped into the recognition of the 20 years since the milestone RTS with a PVE brawl.

PVE gameplay is uncommon in the MOBA scene. This isn’t the first time HoTS has ventured away from PVP territory. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more events to this nature. Especially considering the reputation of Heroes of the Storm to appeal to players burned out on its competition. Regardless, the trailer makes the event look like a fun distraction. Plenty of zerg genocide and at least one set piece boss battle.

Additionally, Blizz will be releasing disturbingly large zerglings as mounts and familiar StarCraft themed announcers. New bundles will also be available for purchase. I haven’t reached the levels of extreme consumerism required to care about bundles.

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