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Horror Sci-fi Game Moons of Madness Official Launch Trailer.

The horror Sci-fi game Moons of Madness gets an official launch trailer and a release date window of 2018. Check out the “Reality Wreck” trailer.

Exciting news for all you Lovecraftians out there. The Horror Sci-fi game “Moons of Madness” gets an official launch trailer and obligatory 2018 release date window. I have to admit, watching the “Reality Wreck” trailer, as developer Rock Pocket Games is calling it, got me hyped to get my hands on this first person thriller.

H.P. Lovecraft Inspiration

Rock Pocket Games of Norway, previously known for mostly IOS and Android titles, is upping the ante on the horror science fiction genre by anchoring the game in the literary works of the famous 1920’s era author. Lovecraft’s works were known for their ability to blend science fiction with science fact and throw in some supernatural madness for fun.

Exploring Mars

Step into the role of an astronaut working in the first scientific outpost on Mars. Right away anyone can see that a lot of work has gone into the production value and visuals. As a first person horror game, the trailer promises what you might expect. Alien terrain, exploring long dark corridors and of course, creepy visions.

“Zone Outs”

The designers pledge that the final product will expand on these breaks from reality with an innovative feature they call “Zone Outs.” These hallucinations will expand your character’s role and story while exploring mental illness and its effects. Try to hold yourself together as the thin veil between reality and madness blurs. But that’s not all, the developer is intent on making sure they get the science right.

Science is key

While creating this title, the producers have kept up to date on the research of NASA and Space X. And assure the consumer that they will explore mental illness through various game modes while not antagonizing the medical condition itself. It’s important for them to deliver an as realistic experience as possible. And they are looking for feedback to help them on their path. Head to the official website to contribute and learn more about the project. Look for “Moons of Madness” to be released sometime next year on PS4, XBox One, and PC.

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