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Horizon: Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds Review – Doug

I took a trip back to the world of Aloy to learn about the Banuk and Yellowstone in my review for Horizon: Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds. Was it worth it? Let’s find out.

Let’s first start with a quick, spoiler-free recap of the main game:

The world Guerrilla Games has crafted is absolutely gorgeous, it features an amazing soundtrack, and most importantly is fun and completely engrossing. Along with the superb voice acting and excellent story it really sucks you in. Basically, it’s a masterpiece.

The game starts out by making you instantly fall in love with the main characters you’re introduced to, and takes you down an expertly executed plot that will leave you wanting more at every turn. Even after you’ve completed it. While the “post-apocalyptic” story isn’t new, this one has easily become my favorite of them all. And just in case you needed an excuse to jump back into the machine hunter Aloy’s shoes, “The Frozen Wilds” is the perfect one.

New machines

This particular DLC has no real cause or effect on the games main story, so if you wanted to jump right into it before you’re done with everything else. You can do so right after the new area of Ban-Ur, opens up. Although, I do recommend that you take heed of the level recommendation (Lvl 30), as the new machines you will encounter are seriously aggressive and will put up a tough fight. While there is new gear that will help you with these encounters, the new currency will likely bar you from getting them for a while since you start with none.

The expansion also raises the level cap giving you all that comes with it to strive towards, which means new skills. These skills are mount and resource centered, and are incredibly handy, though not game changers. In fact, these skills are a nice segue into a description of the DLC as a whole; A mediocre addition to a phenomenal experience.

Don’t take that the wrong way, it’s just as beautiful, the soundtrack sets the tone well, and the acting and characters bring it all to life. It’s just the story and depth feel lacking in comparison to the base game. There were more than a couple blown opportunities to really expand on the story of the main game, or even just to dive into the history of the Banuk, the tribe that takes center stage in The Frozen Wilds.

New big bad machine

The biggest downer of all, however, is that this is the only planned Expansion for the game.

Overall, this expansion was a success for me. Any excuse I can get to jump back into this immersive world is one I’ll take. But, if you are searching for something that takes the meta-story of the game and pushes it forward you’ll leave disappointed.

I like to think that Guerrilla Games decided to make their expansion closer to a full game in size, which is why they only gave us this side quest of content. Especially since they put a gate in the north that screams Oseram! However, in the end it’s totally worth it.

But, what do you think Coin-Droppers? Leave some comments below and let us know what you think about this DLC and what you hope to see in the full blown sequel.

Banuk painting

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