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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC Announced

In the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC, the Frozen Wilds are a dangerous place. Can Aloy find the answers she seeks without paying the ultimate price?

The first Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC has been announced at Sony’s press conference. The DLC takes place in a new area that exists beyond the northern mountains. The tundra brings deadly challenges to whoever dares to venture this far north. The Frozen Wilderness harbors a deadly new threat, and for Aloy, answers to a mystery she’s eager to solve.

In The Frozen Wilds players will meet new characters, experience a brand new story arc, and fight to survive in the harsh environments of the northern reaches. With new machines and a massive threat the first Horizon Zero Dawn DLC is looking promising.

The Horizon Zero Dawn DLC has been confirmed to continue its support of the PS4 Pro 4k upscaling. We currently don’t have a release date or a price point. Keep it here Coin Droppers, as we continue to roll out more info on The Frozen Wilds.

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Horizon Zero Dawn

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