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An In Depth Look At God Of War For PS4

God of War is easily one of PlayStation’s most recognizable brands. The rage filled Kratos makes his return for the first time on Playstation 4 and we’re here to break down what this new entry means for the franchise.

God of War has been a Playstation staple since the PS2 days. Lately however, he has been in hibernation. It wasn’t a very long one, as Creative Director Cory Barlog never wanted to put the franchise on ice. It was something they considered, since Ascension wasn’t received quite as well as they’d hoped. Sure, it sold pretty well still, over 2.5 million copies, but compared to the almost 5 million copies of III and II, it was a step down.

The entry tried to show us a different side of Kratos we didn’t know existed. That he had a slightly softer side before he was a box of rage that cared about nothing else but vengeance. It mostly succeeded, however, this new God of War has taken that idea and turned the dial up to 11. Kratos is now out of the Greek mythological area and into the Norse. If you consider the time period difference between the two era’s, and the fact Kratos is an immortal Demigod, it’s safe to say it’s been a few hundred years.

They are saying this is the time period in Norse mythology when the Gods roamed the Earth. In the new trailer, an unidentified woman is telling Kratos, “The Gods of these realms don’t take kindly to outsiders, trust me. When they find you, and they will, they’ll make things difficult.” So it’s possible they have already begun to eek out their place as God’s in history. Will we see them in the game? It’s unclear at best, but it pretty much seems like it’s guaranteed based on that statement, and the fact Cory himself refused to answer when asked the question whether we will see the Gods in the game. Sure, that’s not a yes, but typically when game developers refuse to answer a question it’s their way of saying yes… in a way.

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Kratos is no longer the man he was all those years ago. He’s realized his past did him no good. He ruined not only his life, but thousands, if not millions of others on his path of destruction against the Greek Gods. He’s not only been haunted by his choices, but his actions as well. If it wasn’t for him, his wife and child would have never perished the way they did, and he’d be long dead without all the anguish he had to endure up until now.

With a second chance at parenthood, Kratos must control himself while teaching his son hard learned life lessons. Ones he hopes his son will not repeat. His son is dead set on earning his father respect, which is apparent in the trailers. Everything he does he looks for approval. His mother is not around, nor do we know if something happened to her, but that is another question Cory dodged saying we’d have to play the game for ourselves to find out who she is.

Kratos must teach his son how to be a warrior and a God, while his son is, in turn, teaching him what it means to be a human. The games official site tells this isn’t a reboot, or a sequel as it were to the older games in the franchise. Yes, it does take place after the events of those games, nothing has been removed from the story’s canon, but the team is making changes to all aspects of the game. Combat, storytelling, exploration and so on will all be retooled to give us a greater look at who Kratos is, why he’s decided to change and all the emotional turmoil that comes when an immortal Demigod decides his life isn’t the only thing that matters anymore.

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The game will keep what makes it distinctly God of War in though. Epic battles with over the top set pieces? Check. Larger than life enemies only Kratos could tackle? Check. Brutal combat? Check. Except, this God of War is bringing us more. This is only the first game in a new saga, so it’s a safe bet we will learn and grow alongside who Kratos is trying to become. Will he succeed in raising his part-God son and keep him from the mistakes he made? We can only wait and see.

There is still much to learn about this game. How long has it been since God of War III? Where did this Axe come from and why can Kratos summon it at will? Who is Atreus’ mother? Will we see the other Gods? Does Kratos become a God from North Mythology? What’s the main point of the Story and so on.

God of War releases exclusively on PS4 sometime early 2018, so we don’t have much longer to wait. Hopefully we will get more news about it before then. If we do, be sure to check out Coin-Drop for all the latest.

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