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Gardening Comes to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – And Other Updates

Gardening has arrived in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, along with a new photo mode and feature improvements.

One week after announcing that gardening was on its way, Nintendo delivered. This is impressive, considering that the game has only been out for a month and has already had two events. The development team behind Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is certainly on top of things.

But gardening wasn’t the only change that came in this week’s update. A new photo mode arrived complete with social media sharing, along with improvements to the way players interact with their campers. Here are the details:

Gardening: For Collectors and Fans of Flowery Furniture

As you can imagine, the new gardening feature allows players to grow their own gardens in a plot of land to one side of the campsite. But instead of growing fruits and veggies to feed hungry campers, the garden is restricted to flowers. The player can grow piles of flowers, using cross-pollination to expand upon the colors available. But what can players do with these flowers?

Turn them in for furniture!

Yes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s obsession with furniture continues. Players can turn in X amount of flowers for anything from tables to teddy bears, although it should be mentioned that there is also a line of clothing available for players who grow tulips. While the furniture comes in a variety of colors, those colors are only available in one print: floral. So if you aren’t a fan of flowers printed all over your furniture, you’re out of luck.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Gardening

But that’s not to say that the gardening feature is entirely without merit. As a player who is allergic to all things floral and pink, the collector in me still has fun playing in the garden and seeing what kinds of flowers I can breed through cross-pollination. There is even a new tab in the inventory titled, “Creatures,” which suggests that we will be able to catch bugs in our gardens as well, which I am always a fan of. As of this writing, I have not caught any critters yet, but I am frequently checking my garden with bated breath.

Note: the garden creatures are separate from the creatures collected throughout the world of AC:PC. Fruit beetles and horse mackerels are still found under the usual inventory tab.

Gardening Provides a New Way to Help Friends

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp actively encourages players to help each other, whether it is via the quarry or the market box. But gardening introduces a new way for players to interact outside of navigating menus or walking around a friend’s camp.

Players can visit a friend’s garden to do a couple of things: water and cross-pollinate.

Watering is exactly as it sounds: you water your friend’s flowers while they are away, and they will give you a gift.

Cross-pollinating is a little more exciting because it gives players a way to expand their own floral collections. But before I get into that, allow me to explain what cross-pollinating is:

In AC:PC’s gardens, players can use a flower from their inventory to cross-pollinate with a flower in the garden to generate new seeds. This can yield an existing seed, a new seed, or no seed depending on the combination. It operates much the same as other breeding systems in other games, and I am sure a devoted player will have all the combinations mapped out soon enough. In the meantime, starting a new garden is a fun time to experiment.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Gardening

But what if you don’t have time to invest in all that? What if your friends are way ahead with far cooler flowers?

I’m glad you asked.

You see, you can visit a friend’s garden and cross-pollinate with their flowers, giving you a chance to gain new seeds for yourself. For example, I visited a friend’s garden today and she already had a pink tulip. I hadn’t found one yet myself, so I cross-pollinated with her tulip to see what I would get. Sure enough, using the orange tulips in my inventory I managed to pick up some pink seeds from her flowers. Then I promptly went back to my camp and planted them so my other friends can do the same. This creates an ecosystem where players can truly share and experiment together, even if they aren’t online at the same time.

In fact, I am planning to keep the bottom half of my garden filled with one of every unique flower I own so that my friends and I can cross-pollinate off them whenever we please. And no, I’m not just leaving them there for the piles of Friend Dust I will receive whenever players cross-pollinate with my flowers.

Of course, I’m sure that my brother-in-law will be a Scrooge and pull up all his flowers before I can use them, and that’s cool too. Perhaps he wants to build his collection as fast as possible and doesn’t have time to wait for me to visit the finished flower. This is the kind of decision making and interaction this mode encourages, adding a whole new layer to the game.

Screenshots for My Friends

AC:PC already had a camera mode that allowed players to move around a campsite and grab a screenshot with their phone or tablet’s built-in functionality. But now they have updated it to a complete in-game screenshot mode where players can encourage animals to pose, and then they can share their glorious creations directly to social media. It is a great feature that will go a long way toward encouraging the game’s core focus: showing off your cool campsite.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Gardening

Fewer Conversations Around the Campfire

I mentioned in my review that when I’m short on time I simply take a trip around my campsite and collect all the free stuff my animals will give me. When I logged in after the update, I noticed that the game now had a thought bubble over my head which told me which three animals wanted to talk to me. Only three. Everyone else had a quick one-liner about my camp and sent me on my way empty-handed.

At first, I thought this may have been a nerf, a restriction on how much free stuff we were getting from our campers. Then I realized that it was actually a buff to help me with my quick in-and-out trips.

You see, before the update, every animal gave out one crafting material or a pile of bells. After the update, the animals give out three different materials, and a few of each at that. I haven’t done the exact math, but it seems to me that I am getting the same amount of stuff talking to fewer animals. So essentially, when I am pressed for time I can hop in, talk to three animals, and hop out with all my goods, instead of only making it through five animals and missing out on the other three because I ran out of time. A small tweak that makes a big difference.

Nintendo isn’t Finished With Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Yet

With all these features and updates pouring in, it seems Nintendo still has plenty planned for its new mobile game, which is encouraging for those Animal Crossing fans who complained about AC:PC’s lack of content. In fact, clothes crafting was also announced last week alongside the gardening announcement, and if the garden turn-around is any indication, we won’t have to wait long to craft our own styles.

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