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Gang Beast has been out on PC for quite some time but recently released on PlayStation 4. So few indie games strike gold and it seems to be ever changing which ones blow up and which ones flop. So let’s take a look and see where Gang Beasts falls.

Knock Em’ Down and Throw Em’ Off

Gang Beasts is a simple beat em’ up game where the last man standing takes the victory. Punch, headbutt and kick your opponents until they’re unconscious. Once they’re down, chuck them off a roof or in front of a train to claim your victory. That’s all there is to it. Of course, the game has multiple modes and even has a brutal version of soccer.

Gang Beasts

Wonkie Controls and Crazy Physics

The controls seem simple enough but they don’t function like you’d expect. Movement is strange and cumbersome and you find your character walking backward sometimes rather than turning around. Much of the game seems to be reliant on understanding when to use which attack but the game never really tells you the controls so you’re left feeling it out trying to understand the weirdness that is Gang Beasts. The physics of the game is hands down the most important thing to learn. If you can’t land a punch constantly you’re gonna have a bad time. You can kick, headbutt, and punch all day but if your aim isn’t square and time isn’t perfect you’re just wasting your time.

Gang Beasts

Become Whatever You, You Want To Be

Gang Beasts has a decent character customization that lets you dress your character in any one of dozens of ridiculous and awesome costumes. From Rick and Morty’s to the Trump’s and even animal onesies I’m sure you’ll find a costume (or make one) you’re happy with.

Gang Beasts

What Gang Beasts Does Wrong

Gang Beasts seems like it’d be a great game on the surface. However, the reality is that the game just isn’t fun as a single player experience. You only really have one option and that’s Gang Beasts Wave mode. The problem here is there’s no learning curve. The AI is way too strong and outnumbers you as soon as you start the game. In addition to that, there’s no AI tuning so you can’t even make them slightly more stupid or easier to fight. Good luck getting past wave two by yourself.

Gang Beasts

The Multiplayer Issue

This isn’t so much a problem with the game as it is me bitching about people being ridiculously good at the game. I played a few matches online and was literally taken out of the game in the first ten seconds of every round. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong (if I am doing anything wrong) but I got one punched and thrown out so fast every match it was mind-blowing. Either way, the game doesn’t really have a “Training mode” so if you suck, you’re gonna have to grind your teeth till you don’t. And honestly, This game just isn’t worth that kind of time investment to me.

Gang Beasts

What Gang Beasts Does Right

Not much in my opinion. As I said above the controls and physics are definitely strange. However, I believe that that’s by design and not an “accident”. Gang Beasts is best played as a couch co-op game with you and three friends. It’s a fantastic party game to play with friends. This generation has seen a serious drop off in couch co-op games and it’s nice to see they still exist. You can also play a private online match with your friends as well which is a great touch. It’s good to see some companies still supporting the classic gameplay style. Now if we could just get something like a Mario Party on PS4 and Xbone too (hint hint nudge nudge game devs.).

Gang Beasts

The Knockout Punch

Here’s the deal. There’s a lot of great games out there for the same price as Gang Beasts. If you have a family, constantly have people hanging out, or have friends who have the game that will play with you then I’d say it’s worth the $19.99. However, if you’re more of a single player guy and rarely play games with others maybe pass on this, or wait for a sale. You can pick up Gang Beasts on Steam and the PS Store. Thanks for reading our review Coin Droppers. We’ll see you on the next page.

Thanks to the team at Boneloaf and Double Fine for providing us with a review code for Gang Beasts.

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