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Free DLC Announced For Arizona Sunshine & Update 1.02 Released

Arizona Sunshine is the latest Zombie craze, only this time on PSVR. With the launch being a little rocky, it’s nice to see the developer trying to make things right with Free DLC and an update to fix its issues.

Developer Vertigo Games have announced that their award-winning VR shooter Arizona Sunshine will receive some free DLC for everyone who owns the game on PSVR. As an added bonus, they have just launched update 1.02, which addresses player feedback and criticisms.

In short order, players will be able to play on two additional Horde Mode maps; The Dark Old Mine and Undead Valley.  The latter of which takes players across the border to an old, zombie-infested warehouse-turned-underground casino close to Las Vegas, Nevada. Free is always nice, and additional maps always keeps people playing your game. These should be nice additions that retains players.

As far as the game itself goes, many have said the hardware gets confused with the Move controllers and causes all sorts of issues. Some places have given it such scathing reviews it has turned many prospective buyers away.

Update 1.02 addresses direct feedback from the PSVR community has already launched for all players. Taking into consideration the game’s free-roaming gameplay and room-scale roots, a number of implementations have been added for optimization of the PS VR experience. Some of the key changes are;

  • Improvements to aiming down the sights with the PS VR aim controller
  • Co-op multiplayer support for two-handed mode
  • Chaperone system to prevent ‘floating’ due to lost tracking
  • Additional control scheme options to allow further playstyle customization

For the full patch notes,head on over to the official changlog.

For those who bought the game but quit because of poor performance, what do you think? Will this be enough to bring you back, or is it too little too late? Let us know in the comments below, as well as additional changes you’d like to see the developers make.

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