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For Honor Finally Gets Dedicated Servers. Is Ubisoft Finally Listening?

Ubisoft’s visceral versus game For Honor, after 5 months is finally getting dedicated servers. Something players have been asking for since before release. But is it too little too late like many are claiming?

The massively successful medieval fighter is finally getting an overhaul players have been asking for since before release. Going from a custom peer to peer server type to dedicated. There is still a dedicated player-base, even though the amount of players has dropped significantly since launch. Although a Ubisoft rep has called that “Fake News” It begs the question on whether this will bring players back or not.

Players, as well as us, will attest to a fantastic game that is plagued by connectivity issues. From lag, slow matchmaking, to random disconnections mid match that still happen. It makes playing with friends a difficult task, and rather frustrating. The game is something special, and has a combat system unlike anything else out there, and when it works, it’s a blast to play regardless of the mode you’re on.

Now, the developers behind the game are promising several changes and improvements to the game, including the aforementioned dedicated servers. A snippet from the press release reads;

“In conjunction to the dedicated server implementation, enhancing peer-to-peer stability and matchmaking remain priorities for the team. Other new content includes two new seasons, competitive play with duel tournaments, ranked 4v4 and a more intense training mode for veteran players.”

Sadly, they didn’t provide an exact timeline for when this will roll out, but it appears they have big plans for the game still. With plenty of additional content planned and promised, and even dedicated servers, which Ubisoft seems to loathe.

Speaking of that, they almost never include dedicated servers into their games, which makes this a curious decision. Will this be a one off occurrence, or have they finally caved and begun listening to their fans, and will we finally start seeing them in their future games? One can only hope.

Let us know what you think. Is this too little too late, or would you go back if the issues were fixed?

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