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Fist Of The North Star Game Announced By Yakuza Developer

From the minds behind Yakuza, Fist of the North Star is getting a new game on PS4, with the voice behind Kazuma leading the charge.

I wonder, as I begin to write this article, just how many people know what Fist of the North Star is. It’s a manga that launched in 1983 (that’s even before I was born!), and ended in 1988. It has spawned more than one anime series, several games, and even a live action movie. It is still one of the best selling manga in history, having sold more than 100 million copies worldwide.

So to this announcement. Fist of the North Star is big news for anime fans, and particularly slightly older ones. It’s basically Mad Max for Japan, which is easily noticeable in the trailer.

The game is currently announced only for the PS4, and for Japan for a release sometime in 2018. Which makes sense when you consider its source material and the developer behind it.

Luckily, it’s an action adventure game instead of a Musou game like the recent Berserk that didn’t fare so well. The game will feature a completely new story set in “Eden,” a main city where people have gathered after the nuclear events almost destroyed the world.

fist of the north star

Thanks to Gematsu, we have an idea of the story behind the game;

This man, master of the invincible fist, seemed to be fortune’s favorite of this era dominated by violence. But Kenshiro’s heart was full of despair and there was only one hope left to live for.

Kenshiro’s only hope was a rumor that his beloved fiancee Yuria, who was thought to be dead, is living in Eden.

So Kenshiro gets a glimmer of hope that his wife, thought to be dead, just may be alive. However, he must fight his way into the tightly sealed city to save the one he loves.

I for one, am quite excited. Fist of the North Star is a big name in Anime, and to see a new game from such a great developer has my hopes high.

Sadly, no localization plans were announced along with the game, but we can hope. And you can bet we will be following the game closely, and making the announcement if it does. Stay tuned Coin Droppers for all things gaming.

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