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Final Fantasy XV DLC Detailed Into 2019 & Features Mostly Side Characters

Final Fantasy XIV has already received a ton of through DLC and free content updates since it launched in 2016, and Square-Enix has detailed what’s to come over the next year.

Final Fantasy XV fans have at least an additional year of goodies and updates to look forward to. Not only have they announced 4 new DLC’s, but they’d detailed them as well. Final Fantasy XV will continue to receive these updates through summer 2019. The new content will focus on mostly sub characters that piqued everyone’s interest, mostly due to us just not having enough information on them. The first will be on Ardyn as previously promised, followed by Aranea, Lunafreya, and finally, Noctis will get the treatment his buddies got.

It’s unclear if these DLC packages will take place throughout the story as the trio before did, or if they will even take place in an alternate version of the game. The exact details apparently aren’t set in stone just yet, but the developers described them as, “a future everyone longed for.”

To make matters even more confusing, the official Final Fantasy Twitter sent out this image with the caption, “The future looks stronger than ever for #FFXV !”


We’re aware this could simply be concept art as it looks, but maybe it has to go with that “longed for” comment above. For anyone who’s played the game to completion, this will certainly set their minds off in different ways leaving them with many questions.

It’s almost as if they’re foreshadowing different endings that has a far different outcome than what we had witnessed in the original game, with Ardyn and Noctis possibly being friends this time around. Do those kids belong to who I think they do? Hmm…

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the development team played with alternate possibilities. Episode Ignis gave players an ending that was drastically different than the base game. So anything is certainly possible.

What Does The Future Hold?

As for specifics we can hold on to now instead of simple speculation, take a look at the details they have furnished us with. These are brief descriptions of each DLC.

Episode One – Ardyn: Learn more about Ardyn’s struggles and the resentment he harbored toward Lucis for thousands of years. The story also touches upon his differences with the Astrals.

Episode Side Story – Aranea: This side story depicts the Starscourge from the Niflheim’s perspective. Here we see the final day of the Empire from a brand new light, which is also Aranea’s worst day.

Episode 2 – Lunafreya: This episode focuses on Lunafreya’s battle to save her loved ones, which ultimately changes the destiny dealt to the Lucian King.

Episode 3 – Noctis: After parting ways with the Astrals, Noctis must face a final battle in an attempt to better serve his people.

But Wait, There’s More!

Square Enix also announced the game would continue to get numerous free updates to the core game later this spring. Such as:

  • The ability to switch Noctis with a customized character
  • Players can now see the “ghost” of other custom characters
  • Players can drop items for others to find
  • A mod organizer for the game

Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer component known as Comrades also got some detailed information on what we can expect for it down the line. Not only will it receive a standalone release later this year so people don’t need to buy the base game to play it. But it will see new content updates like raid bosses and battle challenges. No other specifics were given, so no word on how much this would cost, if at all.

The new DLC is planned to be available between winter of this year, and summer of 2019. It’s a little unfortunate it’s taking so long, but when you consider all they’ve given us already, I think they deserve a bit of a break. With the news that FFXV will allow them to make games faster in the future who knows, maybe we’ll see Final Fantasy XVI sooner rather than later!

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