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Let’s End This, The Final Battlefront II Review – Russ

Battlefront II has seen a lot of hate from everyone for their supposed “Pay to Win” progression system… but is any of that really true?

Transparent and Honest

I want to quickly start this out by saying the following. No, EA hasn’t paid us for this review, and no, they didn’t give us a review copy of Star Wars Battlefront II, and yes I paid out of my own fucking pocket for it. So lets squash that shit right now.

To make this completely clear, I’ve attached a screen grab of the email traffic with the company that manages their PR. Go ahead, send me all the hate mail you want. I’m not hiding my email address, just hers.

Battlefront II

The BF2 Campaign, Why All Star Wars Fans Need To Play it

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not here to tell you to go out and buy this game, I’m here to tell you simple facts, and in the end, my opinion of the game. So here’s one of them: If you’re a Star Wars fan like I am, you’re probably more excited to know what happened between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens than you are to play the multiplayer. As well you should be.

Though Iden feels very bland as a character, and you see a lot of the twists and turns of her story coming from a mile away, the interesting part of the campaign is the little snippets of info you get about things you didn’t understand in Episode 7. For example, no spoilers, you find out how Luke found a planet that no one else in the galaxy knew existed. You also find out more about Maz and how she knows Han, and most importantly, some seriously huge revelations that could (potentially) change EVERYTHING in the next movie, The Last Jedi.

Again, I’m not saying “Go buy this game!” I’m saying if you care about the Star Wars universe, check it out. Do so by renting it, or watching a let’s play, whatever. But just check it out. It’s absolutely worth it.

Battlefront II

A Fantastic Blend of Gameplay

If there’s one thing the campaign does right it’s balance. They found a great balance between awesome gunplay, increasingly difficult enemies (if you play on the hardest mode like I did), optional stealth, and starship dogfights. Sadly, what the game does right doesn’t make up for a lack in a compelling story, however, it does provide for some sheer fun. Playing as Iden, and iconic heroes from the Star Wars universe such as Luke while cutting down dozens of Stormtroopers like they are nothing is a blast. 

Battlefront II

I’m Not Here For a Long Time, I’m Here For a Good Time

One big complaint I’ve seen across the net has been the length of the campaign and that its ending isn’t satisfying. So let’s address these head on. Firstly, yes, the campaign can be beaten in about four or five hours if you play on the easiest difficulty. Personally, I played on the hardest difficulty and the Battle of Jakku alone took me about an hour. Second…ly, the game ends in high Star Wars fashion.

Like most things Star Wars, we were left with more questions than we had answers, but, that’s to be expected. They have to leave room for a sequel right? In addition to this, EA has already announced that they will be adding completely free story DLC, in addition to the multiplayer DLC in the coming months. I for one, am ecstatic about it and can’t wait to dive back into Iden’s story.

Battlefront II

Battlefront II vs Battlefield 4

Multiplayer, the taboo that has everyone’s panties in a bunch… let’s end this argument about Microtransactions in Battlefront II once and for all.

Star Wars Battlefront II has gotten an amazing amount of hate for their MTs and has been labeled a “Pay to Win” game. What’s funny about this is that no one, or damn near no one, bitched about Battlefield 4 which has a far worse “Pay to Win” system. In Battlefront II, no Star Cards are locked behind crates, nor are weapon upgrades or advancements of any kind. The only “locked content” in the game are the two pre-order bonus costumes, 2 victory poses per character, and SOME emotes.

You can use the credits you earn from playing the game to unlock crates for free, which was always the case even before they removed the option to use real money for credits or crystals. The only thing that EA did when they shut off Microtransactions what shut off the option to use real money. Otherwise, the system is entirely intact.

Also, your daily crate is guaranteed to give you crafting parts and credits which can be used to make whatever Star Card you choose. No weapons or weapon upgrades are locked behind crates. Unlike Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 Battlepacks

How does this compare to Battlefield 4’s “Progression System”? A total of 15 items are locked behind Battlepacks… and for only one gun! You can’t get them any other way! Yet somehow Battlefront II has the “Pay to Win” system.

Does it really? Don’t take my word for it, check out the pictures below. A lot of the add-ons actually DO affect how good you are with a gun. From better scopes to different silencers that can only be unlocked through Battlepacks. Why didn’t anyone go apeshit over this yet are now doing so over Battlefront II?

Hell, many other games have worse systems than Battlefront II as well. Just to name a few; Injustice 2, Evolve, Guitar Hero Live, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and so on.

Star Cards Don’t Make You A Better Player

Ok, so you’re upset because “Someone spent a bunch of money and has all the high-end star cards”. (Which would be highly unlikely given the amount of money you would spend to unlock them all). Well, guess what, Star Cards don’t make you a better player. The highest level of star card doesn’t even give you that much of an edge over the lowest level, not to mention you cannot buy these. Period. They’re not in any crate, they must be crafted, and you can only do so once you have ranked up to a certain level.

Again, don’t take my word for it. I spent 8 hours taking the following pictures, uploading them and formatting them for your convenience. Please feel free to call me a liar after looking through every star card in the game. With that said, there are a few star cards that are slightly overpowered and need tweaking. In addition to that, take a look at my “Death Cam” video that shows that it doesn’t matter what star cards you do or don’t have. Simply put, you still need to know how to point and shoot to get a kill. The better Star Cards don’t make up for your lack of skill.

Overpowered Star Cards

  1. Heavy Class – Improved Combat Shield: It can be argued that having a shield with 200 – 300 HP is overpowered. However, the shield only protects from the thigh up. Shoot them in the knees and their shield does nothing for them. Also, they move incredibly slow with the shield up. If you can flank them you can kill them just as quick as any other class.
  2. Turret Life – First off, none of the Star Cards effect this but the health on turrets is way too high. This is a balancing issue and literally NO STAR CARD effects it’s health.

All Class Star Cards

What About This Card, What About This Card, What About This Card.

Some of you might be saying, “But what about cards like “Hardened Infiltration” that give you damage reduction when active?” Well, concerned CoinDropper, if you look at the card and see what the levels actually affect you’d notice that the higher levels don’t give you more damage reduction. It only gives you a quicker cooldown.

What does this mean? Glad you asked. It means that no matter what level the card you have, level 1 or level 4, you’re given the same amount of damage reduction. Also, when you die, your cooldowns all reset anyways. So unless you’re a fantastic player, a difference of seven cooldown seconds between level 1 and 4 makes zero impact.

All Special Units Star Cards

Hero Star Cards

Another thing people like to point out are the cards that actually DO make you stronger, do more damage, and have aim assist. Yes, those do exist. However, they only apply to Heroes and Hero Starships. “Marked Target” for the Slave One “Improves the aim-assist of the primary weapon.” by 5% up to 40%. Ok yes, that seems OP. Doesn’t that make sense? When you play Luke on the ground he can hack through Stormtroopers in one hit but, you get a team of 4 or so guys to focus fire on him and he’s dead quick. I’d expect the same kind of performance out of my hero in a starship as well. Heroes should be stronger, and that’s why you have to earn the right to play them by getting kills and earning in-game points.

All Starship Star Cards

All Hero Star Cards

The Meat and Potatoes

We all done? Have I addressed enough of the concerns about Star Cards, Loot Boxes, and “Pay to Win” which isn’t even an option anymore? If I missed something please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll address it. I’m by no means saying Battlefront II doesn’t have its flaws because goddamnit does it have some.

First of all, one of my biggest gripes is that the game doesn’t keep you in the same squad as you respawn. It literally rotates you into a new squad of people that just happen to be respawning around the same time as you. It’s incredibly annoying if you’re playing with friends because it makes it near impossible to stick together. In relation to this, The spawn system sucks a big black cock! I can’t tell you how many times I got spawned off on my own and had a full squad of the other team spawn maybe fifty feet from me. Fuck my life bro.

Other than that the multiplayer just needs some balance tweaks, better load times, a better explanation of how the leveling system works between your overall level and your character level, (took me some time to figure that one out) the ability to view all your milestones between matches as well as claim the rewards, a freaking stat screen with your overall lifetime stats, and Battlefront II will be fantastic.

Battlefront II

I Guess This Review Makes Me The Sith…

I realize how against the grain I’m going with this review. Everyone out there says they hate the game but I’m left wondering; have you actually played it? Because the few people I’ve talked to that have enjoy the game. I personally love it. Battlefront II is beautiful and I can’t stop playing it. Sadly, I have to because I have other games to review. However, This is one game I plan to come back to as often as possible.

Now if you just “Hate EA and everything they stand for”, fine, don’t get the game. But don’t let your personal bias rub off on others who might enjoy it. I haven’t spent a dime on the game outside of the initial price tag and have been very happy with my purchase. Send me all the hate mail you want, I couldn’t give a fuck less. A lot of you are letting your personal hate for EA get in the way of many others enjoying a great game. Who’s the Sith now?

At the end of the day, we like what we like and I’m not here to tell you to buy Battlefront II. I’m here to give an honest and unbiased view of games. That’s what Coin-Drop.com is all about. For me, I’d say this game is worth the $60USD asking price, easily. In fact, I plan on re-buying it when it goes on sale for PC for less than $40USD because I want to see this bad boy in glorious 4k on my newly built rig!

Thanks for keeping an open mind and checking out our review. I’ll see you on the Battlefront CoinDroppers!

Battlefront II

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