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Far Cry 5 Gameplay Properly Unveiled At E3

Far Cry 5 has been known about for a while now, but today we got the official gameplay reveal.

Far cry 5 has shown off its new gameplay trailer at this year’s Ubisoft E3. It seems to be a huge divergence from the usual setup of Far Cry games. The lush jungles and sweeping plains have fallen away to the rural, remote town of Hope County Montana. A place where there is no cell phone coverage, no wifi, heck people don’t feel the need to lock their doors…at least it used to be that way. Until Edens Gate showed strolled into town.

The Edens Gate cult has moved into town and blocked off the roads. No emergency service, no back up, just a bunch of cultists and their large assortment of fine-tooled, custom painted assault rifles. The main protagonist is a police officer sent into Hope county to arrest the Edens Gate leader. While the leader does come quietly, his flock are less than willing to allow their leader be taken into custody. What follows is you the player teaming up with a hand full of locals to push back against the Edens Gate cult. Putting an end to their reign of terror and oppression.

The “animal friends” mechanic will return with the help of your police dog, alongside the hired gun mechanic as seen from the view of Hope county’s resistance. Where usual Far Cry formula is to take know-nothing man-child and fashion him into a savage, primal, one-man-murder-machine, we start off with a cop with at least some basic skills. Skill trees are rumored to make a return, but this time with a twist. Banking on the religious nature of the Edens Gate cult, it’s expected to see a duality of brutal takedowns, countered by passive captures to aid your resistance with live cultists… possibly some torture mechanics to gain info on outposts?

We also have a setting that explains the vast array of weapons. As we see several styles of weapons in game along with various tactical attachments. Could it mean that Far Cry might be ushering in a more in-depth customization feature? We’ll have to wait and see.

Despite the controversy surrounding Far Cry 5, it looks like the people of Hope County are sure to be hearing the good word of the prophets: Colt, Kalashnikov, Smith and Wesson very soon. So grab your attack dog, load up those shotguns and prepare to be baptized in the fires of combat.

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