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Why We’re Excited About The Catherine Full Body Remake

The PS4 and the Vita are getting a remade version of Catherine titled Full Body. What can we expect from this and why are we excited about it? Let us tell you why!

As many of you likely know, Catherine is getting a proper remake for PS4 and PS Vita titled; Catherine Full Body. Not only that, but the game has already been confirmed for the America’s and Europe and we’re excited for it!

The remastered version promises more than just better graphics and a remastered soundtrack too which are all too common in remakes these days. Catherine Full Body is offering much more and is being made in-house by Atlus themselves. Instead of handing it off to some 3rd party to port it over, Atlus is giving it to developer team Studio Zero, which is also working on the RPG Project Re Fantasy… although we still don’t know much about the game or which platform(s) it may come to.

Catherine Full Body will be the game we knew have the characters and story we love, however, the Stray Sheep Bar just got themselves a new customer. There will now be a third “Catherine” in Full Body. You know what this means:

A new character joins the cast:

Rin, who is different from the other two Catherines, name difference aside, she already has some controversy surrounding her. Katherine McBride is the protagonist, Vincent Brooks girlfriend. Katherine’s personality focused on dominance and the steadfast future, things had to go by her own rules and values which always went with the traditional. Meaning she was focused on their relationship going to another level, in this case, such level was marriage.

Enter the second Catherine: Catherine was more of a free-spirited person, being a free-spirited and carefree person in general with an air of seduction in her steps. She was impulsive and the direct opposite of Katherine, as she focuses more on freedom and resists any sort of commitment.

This remake brings in a new plot twist though with Rin, the newest of the cast of possible romance interest, the third “Catherine” so to speak. She is the one we see in the trailer, hired by Boss to play the piano on the Stray Sheep Bar. While we know little about her, we do know that Rin is a new personality from Katherine and Catherine, she is neither dominant nor aggressive. Rather, Rin is the more gentle and obedient of the three.

More than one new ending:

Scary thoughts for some, yet great news for others as game as new endings for you to work towards. If you love to complete every nook and cranny of your games, Atlus have said the game will have more than one new ending, even if they have specified just how many yet. For those who didn’t play the original version of Catherine on PS3 and Xbox 360, let me explain. Catherine had “8” endings in total that worked on the Karma Meter which were based on your decisions in the game. However, there was also an infamous 9th ending, which required you to unlock and pass all the trials of the game, which was relentlessly hard to accomplish.

While we may not know how many new endings the remake will feature, it’s safe to say there will be at least two, which gives us at minimum of 11 total endings. This adds a ton of replayability, and when you consider the new character’s central roll, it’s likely there will be a ton of new dialog, cutscenes, puzzles, and more.

Ready for some Fisticuffs?! Test your skills once again!

Catherine Full Body will also have something many were not expecting, a battle network system! That’s right, it seems Atlus noticed the competitive scene of Catherine and decided to run with it. Catherine Full Body will give people the chance to challenge their friends and rivals to see who can reach the top of those puzzles faster.

Players will also be able to test their skills with the new difficulty settings that Atlus has mentioned will be featured in the game.

Catherine had an array of difficulties ranging from those who wanted to prove their skills in the puzzle solving games to those who simply bought Catherine to enjoy the story. While not much has been said by Atlus just yet, we know that new difficulties will bring new challenges, and with those challenges, we can always expect a tougher experience. Are you up for it, or are you do you just want to enjoy your time playing instead of breaking controllers?

Full Body, the full Catherine experience:

Catherine Full Body will be bringing much more to the game than just neater graphics. With lots of new content via new characters, challenges, new episodes, new sexy events, a new multiplayer mode and more! While a release date for America and Europe has yet to be given, Catherine will be hitting Japan in late 2018.

Also, If you missed the official trailer a couple of weeks ago, be sure to check it out below;

Be sure to check back as more info becomes available. You can count on Coin-Drop to give you all the information as it arrives.Are you excited about Catherine Full Body? Let us know in the comments below!

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