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Dynasty Warriors 9 a PS4 Exclusive and Will Be Open World

Dynasty Warriors is back with some massive changes for the IPs next outing on PS4.

*** Edit August 3rd, 2017 ***

We now know the game is not a PS4 exclusive, but is in fact for all current generation platforms. Sans the Nintendo Switch.

*** Original Story ***

Thanks to Famitsu, who has posted the worlds first look at Dynasty Warriors 9, as well as some direct feed screenshots of the game in action. The game will utilise an open-world format, which is a series first, and a serious departure for the game, which have always been level based in the past. Players can expect the traditional Musou action in a world of Three Kingdoms era China that stretches from one end of the kingdom to the other in a single map. From wiping out large armies single-handedly to invading castles in unique and different ways than traditionally seen in previous titles, you can expect this one to be worthy of keeping an eye out for. Even the combat in the game is getting an overhaul, so you can expect them to be completely changed, as well as new characters and various “innovations” are also being added. One of the new warlords being added is Cheng Pu, whose weapon is a dual spear.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will also include a day-and-night cycle and real-time weather changes typically seen in open world games to draw in players and increase immersion. Said weather conditions may hinder the enemy’s field of vision and in turn help you in your mission. All characters will now be able to use bows for long-distance attacks, and even incorporate stealth into their play-styles if they want.

If you so choose, you can jump right into the main missions to advance history, but if you complete related side-missions in advance it will give you an advantage making it a bit easier. Other new features include the State Combo system, which lets players react in different ways depending on the situation changing up the combo that plays out. The combo starts with a trigger-attack, and follows up with a flow of consecutive attacks that change based on the state of the enemy, and ends with a strong finish attack. Interactive Actions, which depend on the terrain and objects around you. Grappling hooks, for instance, can be used to ascend high walls and mountainous terrain.

Here are a few bits of info on the game from the Weekly Famitsu interview which features producer Akihiro Suzuki and director Jun Miyauchi.

  • The main flow of the game will follow the history of the Records of the Three Kingdoms, just like previous games.
  • Battles aren’t broken up into stages, but various battles that correspond to the era will occur all over the land, which you will participate in.
  • For example, if we’re talking about the Yellow Turban Rebellion, you can fight with the Yellow Turbans in a place where Zhang Jiao can be found. If you go to the south-east, you can hear gossip of Zhang Jiao and company. When you defeat Zhang Jiao, history will progress to the Campaign Against Dong Zhuo era, and whatever is occurring on the map at that time will change completely to match the new period.
  • Stories are being planned for each warlord, but since there are no branches that change history, the overall flow is the same.
  • The era and period that each warlord plays a role in are different. If you start with Zhao Yun, you can play the period in which he was active, but if you choose Wang Yuanji, you’ll play in an era set after the life of Zhao Yun.
  • The ability to switch between warlords is under consideration. Since the era changes so significantly depending on the characters you switch between, we would need to explain the background of the period. We’re currently looking for a solution.
  • It takes about five minutes to swim across the Yangtze River and Yellow River, since it’s a wide place. There are also ports that you can move to instantly.
  • Major cities such as Luoyang are smaller than they are in reality, but since one side is about one kilometer, it is an experience of considerable scale.
  • There are more than 10 cities. General-purpose cities and villages are also being prepared.
  • Movement is mainly by horse. Fast travel, which will allow you to instantly travel to places you have already visited, is also being prepared.
  • Urban areas will have buying and selling elements.
  • The warlords’ costumes are being updated. This time, we’re cutting back on the flashiness and aiming for something that more realistically matches that period.
  • There are various missions such as hunting wild animals with a bow and battles against different races with dedicated visuals.
  • Development seems to still have some way to go. I don’t think it will be released at least until it’s cold out.

Development on the game is currently 40 percent complete, so it would be safe to bet the game won’t be releasing soon. It is currently slated as a PS4 exclusive, but no date had been given on when players can look forward to getting their hands on it.

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