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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Announced For PS4 & Switch

The sequel to the surprise hit on PS4, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is coming this time not only to PS4, but the Nintendo Switch as well!

Square-Enix announced yesterday at their Dragon Quest Summer Festival that Dragon Quest Builders 2 is coming soon. Along with it we got some teaser footage which shows some of the enhancements to the gameplay.

The first was a different take on the Minecraft formula that meshed well. It ended up mixing what Minecraft is known for with a story driven DQ game in an open world like setting. It’s common knowledge that Nintendo and Square-Enix have a close nit partnership with the Dragon Quest series. With the likes of Dragon Quest Heroes, the main line entries on 3DS, and even Dragon Quest XI on Switch. It’s no surprise to see this game also coming to Switch alongside the PS4. It’s the perfect kind of game people would want to take with them on the go or while commuting.

The game isn’t very demanding, so differences are likely to be mostly cosmetic and, sadly, likely a lower frame rate on Switch. However, this game isn’t too action heavy, so this game won’t suffer too much from a dropped frame rate so long as it can hold a solid 30fps. Otherwise, it’s probably safe to say content will be identical. Unless of course there’s some kind of exclusive Nintendo characters in the Switch version. Which isn’t too far a stretch for Nintendo these days.

Sadly, we don’t have a release date, nor even a confirmation of if the game will make it stateside or not. Although with the recent news of Dragon Quest XI coming to the West, we’re not too worried.

For now, however, all we can do is wait for more information to release. So stay tuned for all the latest news. Check out some gameplay for Dragon Quest Builders 2 below.

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