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Detroit: Become Human Story Trailer Released

Detroit: Become Human made it’s its return with a story trailer showing more of the game, giving us an idea of what we can expect.

At this year’s E3 we saw a brand new story trailer for Detroit: Becoming Human at the Sony E3 press conferenceThe game centers around our protagonist Marcus. An android brought into self-awareness, and he doesn’t like how androids are used. He sets out to liberate other androids from Human oppression.

The trailer showed off a sort of build-your-own-adventure style game play. Moving beyond the usually fight-or-flight dichotomy and allowing for Hidding, taking cover, fight back, run and hide, or abort mission. Your decisions affect everything else around you as seen by the option for Marcus to execute a police officer for gunning down escaped androids. Do you take revenge, spare mercy, humiliate, or simply walk away? The game gives you many choices and everything will shape how the game ultimately ends. It is rumored Quantic Dreams is attempting to give you the greatest possible diversity in choice and outcome seen in a game.

From what we see in the trailer the game falls into a similar look and feel of the developer’s previous games. As Marcus attempts to flee his fellow androids, referred to as “our people” by his partner North, he can use the environment to plan his escape. Hacking alarm systems, destroying surveillance drones, and knocking out some day-laborers.

An interesting quote from in-game dialogue has Marcus claims “We are superior and they own us?” Possibly alluding to a thought of machine-racism…bio-racist? Machine-ist? No, that last one can’t be right. Anyway, the game’s visuals look absolutely stunning. It’s going to be fun and see how the game leads people down completely different paths. How did Marcus become to have his agency? How does he “awake” other androids to the thought of sentience? Are humans allies at all, or merely fleshy speed bumps?

Regardless of whether your heart pumps or ticks. It looks like the synergy between man and machine has fractured. A new species is formed, and it doesn’t like being locked in a cage. So will you fight for your people’s place alongside humans? Or bring about their extinction.

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