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Detroit: Become Human Graphics Options On PS4 Pro Detailed

Detroit: Become Human from developer Quantic Dream releases exclusively on PS4 next month on the 25th. With the gaming launching soon, the developers have showed some neat advances in the technology that gives the game its visual look and how it takes advantage of the extra power in the PS4 Pro.

The PS4 has some neat surprises around the corner for gamers to look forward to. With games like Yakuza 6 on the 17th, God of War on the 20th, Dragon’s Crown Pro just after that, and many, many more for the remainder of the year, it’s overwhelming. But what about the PS4 exclusive we’ve been waiting on since the PS3 days that started it’s life as a Tech Demo? That’s right, I am speaking about Detroit: Become Human.

I am not going to lie to you loyal Coin Droppers, but I am not exactly the best at technological advances and features when even it comes to video games. I do know that the guys from Quantic Dream have managed to pull in a massive win with the game engine powering Detroit. This is the team that brought us games like Farenheit, Heavy Rain, and Beyond Two Souls, which were all impressive visually at the time of their release.

The developers have been talking about Detroit: Become Human for quite some time, and now, we finally know what specs the game will be running on both of the PS4 options.

On the standard PS4, Detroit: Become Human will be running at 1080P at a solid 30FPS, and even better, the game supports HDR, or High Dynamic Range for those that are not tech savvy like myself.

On the PS4 PRO side of things, it will continue to run at 30 FPS, as the developers have said the game doesn’t need it due to not being an action game. And at 20160p (4K) via what’s called checkerboard rendering. Meaning it’s not native 4K, but will be quite close, and with very little discernable difference.

Quantic Dream has always been a developer to push technological advances in games with the way they play, and especially in the visuals department. Detroit: Become Human will be no exception. I must say, I find myself quite excited about what the game has in store for gamers when it releases next month.

For those who are into tech knowledge, you can see a more in-depth presentation from the Game Developers Conference right here.

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