• Destiny 2 9/20/2017 Release Date

Destiny 2 September 20th Release Date Scares Fans

Many Destiny 2 fans were concerned when they logged into the Xbox Store and saw a 9/20/2017 release date, which is a full fourteen days after the official 9/6/2017 release. WTF??

For any fan who is counting the seconds until the midnight release of Destiny 2, even the suggestion that they may have to wait an additional two weeks is enough to send them flying to the forums. And fly they did.

Information has been scattered, with some sources saying that the base game won’t be released until 9/19/2017, and others saying it is just a typo. But after some diligent digging, we at Coin-Drop have some answers for you:

The Base Game Will Be Available on 9/6/2017 for All Players

Yes, that is correct. You do not need to buy the Deluxe Edition to play on day one.

There are Two Versions of the Base Game: Destiny 2, and Destiny 2 – Launch Edition

This is where the confusion comes from. Apparently, the Xbox Store differentiates between a Launch Edition, and a Base Edition, both of which come in at $60. The Launch Edition has the correct date, whereas the Base Edition has the 9/20/2017 date which supposedly marks the date when additional add-ons will become available, though it is not clear at this time what those add-ons are.

Bottom line, the September 20th date is a lie! We all get to play Destiny 2! If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up in the comments.

To learn more about what’s coming to Destiny 2, check out our recap article.

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    lets hope its just a mess up