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Destiny 2 Crucible Looks To Expand In Epic Ways

Destiny 2 is just a couple weeks away, and Bungie has released a new trailer for the games Crucible mode showing off some new 4v4 modes.

Destiny 2 is looking to give players a host of new 4v4 modes and maps for the competitive gamer in Crucible. Although just because this is a competitive mode, doesn’t mean that casual gamers are left at home base.
The new modes are; Control, Countdown, and Survival. Each has a unique requirement to win and should challenge players of all types. Destiny 2 offers these gameplay modes and more for competitive and casual players alike.
The press release that accompanied the trailer gives us a snippet for each mode:
Control sounds like a zone based “King of the hill”.
Countdown is an attack/defend mode where you’re either trying to defend a detonation point, or make it explode.
Survival is pretty much what it sounds like. Outlive your opponents to be the best in the match.
Sadly, the trailer is pretty much nothing but flashy, and clearly scripted gunplay. Although, players and fans don’t really need much else if they already plan to buy it. They’ll just jump in and see what they are when the game comes out.
Destiny 2 launches on PS4, and Xbox One September 6th, with the PC version to the following month, October 24th. If you choose to Pre-order the game, you will also be given the Exotic rifle “Coldheart”.
Will you be grabbing the game next month? Did you play in the beta? If so, let us know what you thought below.

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