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Dead Maze, A New Free To Play MMO. Will You Survive?

Dead Maze has something unique to offer with its 2D isometric graphics and colorful visual style. Play with your friends and try to survive in this unique Free-To-Play MMO.

Atelier 801’s upcoming zombie apocalypse game Dead Maze is set to launch worldwide on Steam, On February 13th. Will you survive the hordes of zombies waiting to eat your brains? Dead Maze has learned a lot since the launch of it’s closed beta and has pushed out a ton of bug fixes in its wake as well as new features. One of these features is a new game mode called “The Raid” where players have to survive infinite waves of zombies. Check out the trailer below to get a look at Dead Maze’s unique gameplay and more.

The United States of the Dead

Dead Maze is set in the western United States where humanity has been all but wiped out by a devastating plague of undead. To survive this world player cooperation is key. With thousands of players having to explore, scavenge, and work together to survive and rebuild society you’re sure to have plenty to do. Dead Maze’s unique visual style and colorful 2D isometric perspective make it a unique experience. Not to mention it’s hand-crafted maps which show the destruction in all its glorious detail.

Dead Maze

What Makes Dead Maze Unique

  • Cooperation is key: in this game with no player versus player combat, you have to work together to explore high-risk, high-reward instances in a ravaged modern world. Scavenge for resources, craft life-saving supplies and fight off the ever-present hordes of infected.
  • Face not only the undead but also hunger, thirst, injuries, and diseases. Ration your food and drinks, and monitor your health carefully through the in-depth survival mechanics.
  • Establish your camp and build and furnish your own home with the help of others. Plant seeds and tend to your vegetable gardens or breed cattle to gain access to extra food sources such as milk.
  • Watch out: the infected work together using an advanced AI design and will gather together before attacking. They come in many different shapes and sizes, from violently exploding infected capable of attracting even more undead, to bosses able to project more infected towards you
  • From kitchen knives to old undergarments, use any of the 500+ items to defend yourself and defeat the hordes of infected.
  • Choose and change which archetype to play at any time thanks to versatile skills, gear, and scavenged items, from being a healer supporting others, to DPS or powerful tank.
  • A compelling story and strong cast of supporting characters will guide you at launch across a dozen different locations and 22 major quests. The mission to survive doesn’t end there, as the story will continue to be expanded after the official launch of Dead Maze with new missions and chapters
  • Much more content to be added after launch, including the upcoming map editor which allows you to create your own adventures, play through them with your friends, and share them with the whole community.

A Free To Play Zombie MMO? I’m Down

Dead Maze is approaching the zombie craze in a unique and interesting way. Combining that with the FTP MMO aspect and it could lead to a rather fun game. However, because of it’s FTP nature it’s likely to use in-game Micro-Transactions. Stay tuned for our review of the game to find out if it’s something worth your time. In the meantime, Take a look at what Dead Maze has to offer its players.

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