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Dead By Daylight – Run for your Fucking Life! The Review – Russ

Dead By Daylight makes Friday the 13th its bitch and hangs it on a meat hook for the Entity to feast upon.

Dead By Daylight released on PC last year and is just now getting brought to consoles. It’s about time if you ask me. Dead By Daylight is hands down the best 4 v 1 multiplayer game there is. Fuck Friday the 13th with it’s over complicated escape plans and stupidly OP (Over Powered) Jason. At least with the killers in Dead By Daylight, you have a chance.

Dead By Daylight is simple to pick up and as addictive as freebasing cocaine. Giving the player a dual experience as a terrified survivor and a terrifying, powerful Killer makes sure you never get bored. Tired of running for your life and getting hung up? Play a few rounds as a Killer and let your darkness shine as you feed the Survivors to the Entity.

Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight gives you a ton of player customization. Each of the 7 Survivors has their own specialty and special perks. Ranging from sabotaging hooks to fixing generators quicker they can help shift the game in the Survivors favor when things look grim. Of course, the 6 Killers all get special perks and unique abilities too. The Wraith can cloak and stalk survivors but, thankfully, can’t attack while cloaked. The Nurse can teleport but coughs after doing it many times causing her to look at the ground, letting a skilled survivor slip away while she’s distracted.

Hook Hoes

Though each Killer might seem unfairly broken in Dead By Daylight, it all comes down to having a good team. Being altruistic rewards you with some big points when you pull someone off a hook. Be careful though, “Hook Camping” is a common practice for people who suck at being the Killer. Don’t be a Hook Camper. Hook Campers are lame. If you have a good team, and a fun Killer, you can get put on a hook at most three times before you’re insta-killed. This number, however, goes down the longer you’re on the hook. If you’re not pulled off the hook before having to tap X or A to struggle, you’re gonna die the next time you’re on it.

Dead By Daylight

Punishing, but not Unfair

The game is simple, as survivors your job is to start five generators open the doors and get the fuck out. As the Killer, your job is to stop that from happening. There is also an alternative route if you’re the last Survivor alive. After activating at least two generators you can search for the Trap Door. The Trap is placed randomly on the map, just like the generators, at the beginning of each round. So just because you found it once doesn’t mean you’ll find it again.

I will say that the game is weighted in favor of the killer but not to the extreme of Friday the 13th where, if Jason grabs you, you’re dead. Dead By Daylight wants you to feel challenged and accomplished when you escape as the Survivor. It aims to terrify you and put you on edge, and it does it well. Your heart beats get louder as the killer closes in on you, telling you he’s near, and when you can’t see him it’s terrifying.

Dead By Daylight

Death is not an Escape

I’ve been playing Dead By Daylight on PC for the last year and I was still excited to get my hands on a console version. This game will give you hours of fun if you like multiplayer experiences. Sadly, it doesn’t have an offline mode so Internet and PSN or Xbox Live is required to play. But it’s so worth it! Unlocking new perks, higher tier perks, toolboxes, med kits, and other useful items changes how you play and makes it a ton of fun. Once you reach a high enough level you even get firecrackers that when used correctly can make the Killer drop the person they’re carrying. Beyond that, once you reach level 30 you can get a “teachable perk”. Once unlocked it gives other Survivors a chance to unlock that perk for themselves.  I bought this game on PC during early access for $29.99. At that time, there was 3 killers and 3 survivors. Paying $29.99 again and getting 7 different survivors and 6 different killers is damn well worth the money. I highly recommend those who like a challenge pick this one up.

Who knows, maybe I’ll end up hunting you fellow Coin Droppers.

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