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Dead By Daylight DLC: A Lullaby For The Dark

The latest set of Dead By Daylight DLC has just launched, and it’s free to everyone! Coming first on PC, followed by PS4 and Xbox One shortly after.

Just yesterday, developer Behaviour Interactive launched their latest addition to Dead by Daylight completely cost free. The DLC, officially titled A Lullaby For The Dark will initially only be available on PC, however it will follow on PS4 and Xbox One in the not too distant future.
The DLC comes with a new map, a new killer, and a new survivor. These continue to keep players on the game with more diversity, from environments to killers. However, it doesn’t address one of the main issues we had with it in that the game doesn’t change the mode of play between matches. It’s a welcome addition, but we’d like to see some unique modes to keep us coming back rather than the same thing every match.
Check out the official website for more information on the game, and the DLC.
Check out either Russ or Peter’s review of Dead By Daylight to see what they thought about the game. And be sure to check back with us for all the latest news!

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