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de Blob 2: A Not So Remastered “Remaster” Review – Jackie

 Remastered de Blob 2 comes to Xbox One and PS4. It’s supposed to be a bright, imaginative, and relaxing distraction; but de Blob 2 takes an ugly, blank world of negativity and makes it colorful again. As a “remastered” version for Xbox One, de Blob 2 has not changed enough to justify the cost.

Originally released in 2011 on the PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS. Developers Blue Tongue Entertainment decided they wanted to give newer gamers a chance to play the classic again via the remastered version of de Blob 2 released in late February of this year. This gave me the chance to delve into de Blob 2 7 years later. Playing the game again, after so long, I immediately felt the controls coming back to me. I remembered why I liked de Blob 2 so much before, the feelings of love and color washing over me. I found myself playing more and more after work, letting the negative emotions leave me as I colored the world in bright colors.

de Blob 2

I have owned de Blob 2 for a long while and already knew that it was backward compatible for Xbox One. Our own writer, Tim, wrote all about the world of de Blob 2 just before it’s initial release. With this, I was excited to see if the remastered version had taken the already great graphics and gameplay any farther.

I was happy to see that the controls were exactly the same and I was able to quickly get through the first few levels feeling all the familiar relaxation and joy come back from my first playthrough. The controls still boast a responsive connection from the player to the game. While the camera still does not lock and de Blob 2 loves to take it where it likes, once you learn to overcome that issue you can use it to your advantage in smaller missions. The smaller mechanics of de Blob 2, such as the two multiplayer modes still exist. These modes let you enjoy a small competitive mode with another local player or have them join you in the campaign as Pinky, your flying sidekick.

de Blob 2

The ability to casually play de Blob 2 from start to finish let me get that relaxing, wholesome feeling without the frustrating part of side missions. But, if you’re a person who loves side objectives you can experience the challenge with side quests at the end of every level. It was all the very familiar it had the colors and gameplay that I had fell to love my first play through. I found myself flying through de Blob 2 once again, but there was one thing.

Everything. Was. The Same.

Like I said before, I was very excited to see de Blob 2 come out as a remaster. While I enjoyed playing through the entire game again and remembering all the positivity de Blob 2 has to offer, it was no different than the first time I played. The graphics were the same, believe me, I made sure of that. The cut scenes were the same. The controls were the same.  The same start menu was there. Everything was the same. As a game, I believe that it is wonderful and was still glad to play again. But as I was playing it through I kept thinking, “There’s nothing different!”

Why make it a “Remastered” game when not only was it was already backward compatible (for Xbox One), and do absolutely nothing to “remaster” it? It’s sad really, as there was no reason to go this way. de Blob 2 had no differences to it, and I believe in the long run it may be a waste of time and money. Unless of course, you haven’t played it yet, then I thoroughly recommend it.

In Conclusion:

This is one of my favorite games to play, especially when you’re looking for a bright, imaginative, relaxing distraction from the every day. The entire premise of de Blob 2 is to take the ugly, blank world and to make it colorful again. In our society today, where depression and anxiety are more recognized and openly discussed this game takes those negative thoughts and feelings and transforms them into something beautiful. As a “remastered” version, and especially for Xbox One, this game has not changed and is a bit of let down as de Blob 2 was already backwards compatible.

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