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Crimson Keep Hands on at PAX West

Crimson Keep puts you in a first person version of classic dungeon crawlers like Diablo and lets you stumble around, lost in the dark.

Crimson Keep is an awesome new indie game being built by a team of two very dedicated guys who want to make something awesome. Ian, the artist, and designer opted to go with a unique graphic style he calls “gory cute” and it’s exactly that. The visuals in the game are very unique and one of the things that sets this game apart from others. As for the programmer, Ben he’s worked on many projects in the past to include Champions Return to Arms. The team drew a lot of influence from rogue and rogue-like games such as Diablo. They wanted to be that character and see through his or her eyes and that’s what prompted them to make Crimson Keep.

Disorientation and Starvation

Ian stressed that the game has a long way to go and he plans on implementing some sort of waypoint or a chalk marking system to help characters not get lost. Personally, I suggested against the waypoint and instead suggested that being able to mark where you’ve been would be a much cooler mechanic. There’s no map in Crimson Keep and part of the story is about wandering around lost in these labryinth like tunnels as you search for the sunken Crimson Keep while fighting hordes of monsters and battle starvation. Crimson Keep will also be a randomly generated and will change every new game you play which gives it a huge amount of replay value.

Monsters and Loot

Crimson Keep, Like all good RPGs, will have loot drops and rarities as well as NPCs that you will be able to buy and trade to on your journey down into the depths. Each monster has been programmed to be unique in combat. When I was playing the demo I was attacked by some really awesome looking headless zombie skeletons. When one of them hit me they began to move faster and swarm me. Ian explained that because they smell fresh blood they will be more ferocious. Indeed they were I was surrounded by three of them and nearly died very early into the demo. He went on to tell me that each of the monsters you’ll face has a uniqueness to them. Whether that’s a weak point like the rock monster with a head made of gold, or the zombies that hunger for flesh and moves faster once you’re hit.


Crimson Keep

Lore and Classes

Crimson Keep has a simple but compelling story. During a war, the queen gives birth to three sons but dies in the process. Since no one was there, no one knows who the heir to the throne is and the city descends into chaos while the king descends into madness from grief. Eventually, a demon in the form of a woman appears to the king and tells him to dig under the keep to find a stone that can bring his wife back. So the king begins to dig and creates the labyrinth of tunnels under the keep. partly due to the kings digging, and partly thanks to the demon the Crimson Keep sinks deep into the earth. Soon a brave adventurer decides to search for the king and descends into the tunnels and that’s where you begin your story.

There will be five different character classes to choose from and each has their own unique skills. The five classes didn’t have finalized names but they break down as follows.

  1. Warrior – a melee class that likes to be dead center in combat
  2. Rogue – a sneaky dagger using class that can also use ranged weapons
  3. Mage – a caster class that uses spells to destroy enemies
  4. Devoid – a class with no skills, similar to the Hallow from Dark Souls
  5. A random class – Each and every time you pick this character it will be different as it randomly generates its skills at the beginning of the game.

Final Thoughts

Crimson Keep was a good game though no release date was given it will be coming to PC sometime in the future. If you’re looking for a cool new dungeon crawler game that puts you in the first person perspective this is one that could be a good amount of fun for the right price. The replay ability in the game already makes want the game. I always like a game that can be played more than once. For more information on Crimson Keep and to sign up for their news letter head over to their website. For everything else, stick with us Coin Droppers.

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