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Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy Review – Russ

Vicarious Visions’ Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy was rebuilt from the ground up and managed to make it feel exactly the same as it did in the 90’s.

 The Nostalgic 90’s Return

It’s a pretty impressive accomplishment that the Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy feels just like the classic games. It’s the kind of remake that every “HD Remaster” game should be. Rebuilt from nothing to bring the game into the modern age with classic and pristine controls. That should be the aim of any company that remakes classic games. Fuck your little HD texture remapping. Give me a fully rebuilt game over an HD pack any day. That said let’s get to what you all came here for. Crash Bandicoot.

In the Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy, we finally have analog stick support and it makes the game so much smoother to play. However, there were still some stages and bonus stages I elected to use the D-pad for just to make sure I didn’t stray off course. The Analog sticks really made the game feel more modern without sacrificing anything. It felt natural starting up level one and moving that left stick. It felt fantastic.

Crash Bandicoot N' Sane Trilogy

It’s Not All Smiles and Sunshine

When creating the Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy, they even added in some of the classic tricks from the games. For example, on “A Bridge to Nowhere” in Crash 1 you can, if you do it just right, jump on the ropes of the bridge and run across instead of trying to time the jumps just right. They also included the extra lives you can get from jumping on the baby polar bear in the warp room of Crash 2. In addition to that, there’s a trophy for doing it. Unfortunately, however, with this remake came some fixes a lot of us won’t be happy about. Most of the known tricks to getting 99 lives have been removed for fixed in some way which means that getting that 99 lives trophy is going to be a lot harder.

Crash Bandicoot N' Sane Trilogy

Crash’s Humor in the Trophies

Speaking of trophies, Vicarious Visions did a pretty awesome job naming the trophies as well as setting up what you have to do to unlock them. They really took Crash Bandicoot’s tongue-in-cheek comedy to heart and stuck with it when creating their trophies. Like a trophy called “Feeed Meee”. You get this trophy by being eaten by one of the plants in Crash 1. You actually get trophies for dying. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Vicarious Visions included all kinds of great trophies in the Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy that are sure to get a chuckle out of you.

Crash Bandicoot N' Sane Trilogy

Improving on Greatness

Vicarious Visions wanted not only to recreate the Crash games but also improve upon them. How can you do this without ruining what Naughty Dog made so perfectly? Well, they did it by adding small but meaningful things. For example, in the Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy they added Coco, Crash’s little sister as a playable character in all three games. They also included a leaderboard that tracks your speed runs per level and compares them to friends and other players who have made the same run. Not major changes but just enough to freshen up that old 90’s stank. It’s like spraying some Febreze on a shirt you wore the other day but only for a few hours. Good call Vicarious Visions.

Crash Bandicoot N' Sane Trilogy

But is it Worth Your Money?

All in all, the Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy is a beautifully and lovingly recreated trilogy. Anyone who played the original games will love it the second they start it up and be full of nothing but nostalgia. The game looks amazing and plays just like the classics. So for the older fans that remember playing the originals, and the new fans who’ve never even touched a PS1 this is one game you’ll definitely want to pick up. Thanks for checking out our review Coin Droppers. We’ll see you in the next one.

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