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Corey Barlog Says God Of War Release Date Is “Favorite Release Date Of My Career”

Corey Barlog has been outspoken enough about God of War, even if not quite as much as David Jaffe was. With the release date for the game announced, he has some words to say about the date chosen.

If you missed the release date announcement that came with a new trailer to whet your appetite for the game, you can check it out here.

With the release just around the corner on April 20th, it’s not long now. We have been following the game for some time, and every bit of information has been tantalizingly little. Although we do finally know that Atreus is no mere mortal now thanks to the trailer. Does that mean he truly is Kratos’ son, or does he have greater origins? It’s not known, but it’s clear the story will focus on that quite a bit.

However, this isn’t about the game per say, but about Corey Barlog, the director for the project and long time God of War developer. He said over on the official PlayStation Blog along with the release date announcement that;

…let me say that this is my favorite release day of my entire career. If I live to be 100, I do not think I will be able to top this release day.

It makes you wonder why that is? 4/20? Really Barlog? We’ll go ahead and let that slide.

As we had previously mentioned in our article about a potential release date leak via the PlayStation Store, every previous mainline God of War title had released in March of their respective years. While April isn’t too far behind that, it makes you wonder why Corey is so happy with this release date.

Maybe it’s more innocent than his words suggest, but who knows.

Speaking of the announcement, was it just me or did the trailer look slightly different from ones past? He doesn’t say so in the announcement, but it looked to us that the entire trailer was taken from in-game footage. Which tells us just how the game will look when we get to play it in just under 3 months. It sure was a beautiful one.

Are you as excited about the game as us? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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