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A Comprehensive Look At All The New PS4 Spiderman Information

The new Spiderman game coming exclusively to the PS4 from Insomniac has gotten a lot of new information over the last week, including a release date. So let’s dive in and see what our favorite web slinger has in store for PS4 fans.

This PS4 exclusive game from developer Insomniac Games, the guys who brought us titles as the original Spyro Games, Ratchet and Clank and Resistance have been giving out plenty of new information lately. The first thing we should get out of the way is, in light of the recent Xbox One versions of PS4 games like Hellblade and No Man’s Sky. Fans have been asking if/when this game will too make the jump. Well, Insomniac was quite clear when they said it would never happen in response to someone on Twitter.

Luckily, that’s the only bad news because we have a lot to share, and the game is looking incredibly good. So let’s move onto some of the more juicy, interesting bits of information you’re going to want to know, shall we?

It’s Time To Be Amazing! This Ain’t No Origin Story

If you didn’t already know, Spiderman PS4 is focused in a stand-alone universe where Peter is at his prime. Which means the game is not related to any of the movies of the cinematographic universe of Spider-man, and he’s already a badass. What’s more, the gang is all here! Aunt May, Mary Jane, and even Miles Morales. The game picks up where Spiderman has just recently beaten the Kingpin but is immediately faced with a new threat. Mister Negative and his henchmen capitalize on the Kingpin’s fall and move in to fill the void. Which is just typical Parker’s luck, but the web slinging action looks incredibly fluid, fast paced, and most of all, fun.

If the previous information didn’t give it away, this is not an origin story for Parker and Spiderman. From the get go we are looking at a mature Spiderman, the one who’s been fighting crime and knows his powers well. A Spiderman whose moral compass is already set and is firm in what he can do and he won’t do in the name of justice.

Which brings us to the next point.

Killing Is The Number One No-No Rule

It seems the guys from Insomniac games have thought this out, and that Spiderman won’t be killing anyone. The team said that a game in which Spiderman kills isn’t the kind of game they are trying to make. Fans of the comics might remember sometimes things get out of hand, and some people have died. But it seems that won’t be the case in this game as Spiderman will be doing anything he can to save everyone.

Some people might dislike this concept, but personally, I like the idea of this approach. It just fits the persona of Spiderman.

Greetings From Manhattan

Manhattan, as will always be the location of Spiderman’s escapades will be a massive four to six times the size of the map they had for Sunset Overdrive. Which should be mentioned was intentionally designed to be smaller, yet denser. So comparing the two isn’t quite fair, but regardless, 4 times the size of any open world map this generation is a pretty massive size. So the question is, how much we will be able to interact in such a big map? Well, Spiderman is making a lot of promises, but we don’t know quite enough about it yet to say definitively. On the other hand, Insomniac knows how to make an intimately dense map players can explore, while also providing fun things to do in them. So let’s hope we see more of it in action at E3 and see what kings of new experience will be on offer

Additional Features For Quality Of Life

As part of Game Informer’s month long coverage of Spiderman, they got to ask a lot of questions for the games Creative Director, Bryan Intihar. This gave us a lot of interesting bits of information about the game. Intihar gave quite a lot of information and great features about the game, some may be a bit cryptic, but we’ll understand in time Here’s the relevant info from the interview. Get ready, it’s a lot!

  • There are lots of collectibles
  • Elements of Spider-Man’s moveset are customizable
  • You level up in this game. Max level is TBD
  • Bryan asserts that Peter has always made his own web shooters
  • Spider-Man is played by Yuri Lowenthal
  • It will take advantage of the PS4 Pro to look and run better, but framerate is locked at 30 both ways
  • Mary Jane is going to surprise a lot of people in this game
  • New York City is like a character in the game
  • The open-world is several times bigger than Sunset Overdrive
  • The Avenger’s Tower is in the game
  • Spider-Man will not die immediately upon entering water
  • There are “too many” alternate costumes
  • One costume has a guitar-activated AOE attack
  • List of villains in the game: Kingpin, Mr. Negative
  • List of villains not in the game: The Joker, Hitler, Microtransactions
  • List of villains Bryan stayed silent on: Doc Ock, Sandman, Kangaroo, Big Wheel, Venom, The Raven Corporation
  • Let’s reiterate: Bryan said “Hell no!” when asked about microtransactions
  • Another “Hell no!” when asked if we see Uncle Ben’s death in the game
  • There will be a gadget wheel
  • The game takes place over a few weeks
  • Fast-travel system in the game is the subway
  • There is no big head-mode
  • Mary Jane and Peter Parker(out of Spidey suit) are playable in addition to Spider-Man
  • Post-release content is planned
  • There is a crafting system in the game
  • Bryan wants Spider-Man in Kingdom Hearts
  • There is a photo-mode
  • Photography might be part of the gameplay
  • There are no all-new original major characters.
  • The costume is “the highest” tech
  • Mary Jane knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man
  • No upside-down kisses
  • No “wanted” system like GTA
  • You can take selfies with civilians, high-five them, do finger guns at them, salute, etc.

I told you it was a lot. The biggest things to take away from this are. No Microtransactions! Fast Travel system, a level up (RPG) system, PS4 Pro support but still locked at 30fps, a crafting system will be in the game, Photo Mode! No original/all-new characters, and a civilian selfies are a thing. The other bits are nice, but not as important as the features mentioned above.

But how can you buy it you say?

Spidey Editions?

First, let’s check out the preorder video.

The game will have several editions for fans who want to get sweet bonuses in and out of the game. Of course, the game will have a Basic Edition that will run you $60, and if your preorder, it comes with some neat costumes for Spiderman. Such as Punk Spidey as well as a pair that has yet to be revealed.

The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with the game (duh), and the previously mentioned suits. Additionally, it comes with a DLC Pack titled “The City That Never Sleeps.” The developers have promised to support the game after launch, so these players will be getting three new chapters, each with new missions, new villains and characters, and additional suits for Spider-Man. There isn’t more information on this just yet, but they promise to give more details at a later date. If you pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition, US and Canadian residents will also receive by mail a limited edition collectible pin featuring Spider-Man as he appears on the cover art for the game. This one will set you back $80.

Finally, we have the Collectors Edition, which is a true collectors edition, as the quantities are limited. The Collector’s Edition will run you $149.99, and includes all of the digital content from the Digital Deluxe Edition, as well as a Steelbook case featuring the iconic white spider, Mini Artbook from Titan Books, and an awesome Marvel’s Spider-Man statue by Gentle Giant. This statue is being kept under wraps though, as you can see from the pictures that they’re hiding the bottom half of it. They are refraining from revealing the entire statue because it’s too spoilery, apparently. Honestly, I wish I had the money for this one for my gaming shelf.


The best part about all of this information is that Insomniac has announced that the game will be available on September 7th. So get your suits ready, you’ll be swinging the streets of Manhattan sooner than you thought.

As always, check out the official website for additional details, or stay tuned here for all things Spiderman!

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