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CoD WW2 Adds Headquarters Mode: Suddenly Becomes An MMO

Call of Duty: WWII adds a new mode for the series called: Headquarters and it’s a drastically different mode that will change up how you play the game. Or Not… it’s up to you.

Activision’s recent reveal on the Headquarters mode for the upcoming CoD: WWII has me sort of confused. So Headquarters mode is essentially going to be like Destiny’s Tower, only with less point and purpose than Destiny’s had. There will be a firing range to test out your weaponry, because getting a handle on that Walther Toggle-lock shotgun is important. The old gal kicks like a Griffin. In the sense it’s a beast, and mostly imaginary.

What else is new? Oh, well now instead of shit talking a 16 year old from Michigan hopped up on cheap weed and Mt. Dew Code red. You can waltz right into a 1v1 Snipers only, quick scope match. There will be a special arena set aside just for that called, “The Pitt”.

This particular addition just feels like someone needed to fill space within the Headquarters mode map to give it more to do. So instead of anything truely meaningful, they just took a common theme among CoD players and stuck it in to say the mode isn’t completely useless.

They’ve also introduced a theater mode that lets you can catch up on all the Esports action going on in the world of CoD. Yes, CoD will essentially be installing a virtual ‘Buffalo Wild Wings’ into CoD headquarters. Now, you can enjoy all the fun of a sports bar without actually having to leave your house and be social. Or admit to watching CoD’s Esports. All it cost you was the lack of decent bar food, alcohol, and the chance to get into an argument over who is better, Faze or Optik. Oh well, I guess there’s “The Pitt” for that. Carry on gents.

Finally, they are adding a social page. Which is presumed to take the form of a sort of bounty board. Here you can check out gaming events, enlist in a clan, and schedule an open server event… in theory. What will actually happen is the damn thing will be flooded with “Dank memes” troll posts, derogatory slang, gang signs, and all the other things you enjoy at a truck stop bathroom at 3 am in the middle of nowhere.

The extra stuff like shooting down planes, or practicing dog fights, or rewards and rank ups is all unnecessary talking points. You get most of that from playing the game. The YouTube video continues the CoD trend of showing heavily choreography gameplay and make liberal use of the slow motion camera for dramatic effect. All the while, I sit here wondering. Which branch of CoD’s budget had to get siphoned off to build this vestigial organ?

Remember, it’s an optional mode and you can feel free to ignore it while at the same time wishing they had put more money into the core experience.

If you’re still interested in learning more about the game, head on over to the official webpage for things like Pre-orders and to gain access to the beta that starts in just a few days.

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    Dang. You are pretty harsh on this aspect of CoD.

    I am concerned though. If they stray too far away from what makes CoD CoD, then they risk alienating players & just ruining the game.

    I hate MMO’s. I’ve never played any, just seen gameplay & immediately thought this is the dumbest shit ever BUT to each their own. Please don’t put your MMO in my FPS. It has no business in CoD.

    I also hate E-Sports. I think it’s stupid. It’s not a sport by definition. My solution. I don’t watch them but occasionally see a cool video for fighting games or FPS like CoD, Battlefield & what not.

    To people that enjoy E-Sports… that’s awesome & keep watching. I think it will only grow & get better(I currently believe the only reason it exists is because someone somewhere saw the gaming industry makes more than Hollywood per year to the tune of 25.3 BILLION in 2016. They saw how much nerds spend & said let’s milk this cow & create gaming events that dumbshits will pay to attend) and I may even end up watching or participating in.

    Sorry for that long winded paragraph.

    Just let CoD be CoD. We’re already hearing the shit storm being created by Battlefield 1 introducing INCURSION MODE, a 5vs5 mode for E-Sports when we all know Battlefield is all about well a MASSIVE BATTLEFIELD with 32-64 players.

    At any rate the gaming landscape is changing. Change is good. Just dont change it too much.

    Gamers UNITE!!!