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Clothes Crafting Has Finally Arrived in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Two months after the release of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, players can finally craft their own clothes.

Clothes crafting has been teased in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp since the day the game came out. And while players waited they have had to endure a lack of clothing and shoes, with the clothes in the market being unpredictable and overpriced.

Screenshot of Clothes Crafting Coming Soon Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

But now players will be able to craft their own clothes on their own schedules. While the prices are only slightly cheaper than in the marketplace, and the variety is somewhat less than what players had hoped for, there is still a decent variety of options and players will finally be able to construct an outfit that matches. In a game that is all about customization and showing off, this is a pretty big deal.

Nintendo also revealed recently that we will be able to dress up our animals in a future update, so here’s hoping we will get more clothing along with that new feature. If the flood of furniture from recent events is any indication, I’m sure we will see more clothes added soon.

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