• Irelia the Defiant Blade

Changes to Irelia: From the Will of Blades to The Defiant Blade.

Changes are coming to Irelia. Two recently released trailers show us what to expect from the Will of Blades.

Irelia, The Will of Blades, is a champion who has been mainly untouched since 2010. The powerful Diver champion has always been a favorite to some and carries abilities great enough to feel like a huge problem when you fight her on the top lane in the Fields of Justice. Now Riot Games has released two trailers. The first is about a change to the lore of Irelia, which, just like the one to Swain, means that she is getting a rework—and more than just visually, as the official site mentioned back in October right here.

Irelia has often been described as a champion with a kit of skills that rely too much on snowballing. For those not used to the term, Snowballs are situations that gain momentum over the course of time, analogously derived from a snowball rolling down a hill, picking up more snow and momentum as it rolls. But Irelia has often been portrayed as a fast and agile champion. The first trailer mentions a quote from Irelia:

“We once danced in harmony with the land… until the tyrants defiled it. But when they shattered our spirit, we became sharpest at the break. We are the defenders of the first lands, and we remember the cost of peace.”

And now we get to see the new Blade Dancer. Irelia is showing just how fast and agile she can be.

Showing her speed, Irelia’s first ability seems to stay the same as she rushes forward with her blades, yet now we can see what looks like a parry that protects her from damage in a similar fashion to Fiora Riposte; she seems to be able to stun through landing her attacks. Needless to say it is what looks to be her ultimate ability that releases all her blades. The video is showing us that:

“There is beauty and tradition in the dance, grace in every step, power in every turn. Our dance is an honor to perform, and the last thing our enemies will ever see.”

The Blade Dancer looks promising and I can’t wait to know more about it soon; for now, all we can do is wait for more information from League of Legends. What do you think of the new movements of Irelia? Excited? Or do you think she might have become too strong?

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