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Call Of Duty WWII Multiplayer Trailer… Fell Flat

Was it just us, or did you not realize that was a multiplayer trailer? With little to show it was, this Call of Duty WWII trailer was a bust.

After an avalanche of successive failures that have nearly broken what little faith gamers had in the CoD franchise, have recently been doused by the release of the CoD WW2 multiplayer reveal trailer. At this year’s E3, those expectations fumbled a bit more with the release of the lackluster ‘gameplay’ trailer.

To be frank, it’s clear Call of Duty WWII is pulling a lot of inspiration from Battlefield, and particularly BF 1’s playbook despite being put into development three plus years ago. At E3 gamers received what began as a decent trailer, that rapidly descended into random jarring moments of scripted cinematics.

First and foremost the game shows off the bayonet charge of a soldier using an M1 Garland to take out a German soldier. The motions look almost identical to those of Battlefield 1, down to a screaming charge, blurred side vision and a brief recoil before impact. The only difference ultimately is that the characters don’t follow through on the charge. Rather they poke the enemy and then carry on.

Random flashes of battles eek out as soldiers strap on suppressors or load shotguns with alternate ammunition. Because, you know, in World War 2 shotgunners carried explosive shells. We see random bits of trooper stunning information that clearly is too uniform to be players so virtually everyone watching assumed this to be a campaign trailer.

What we later find out amid post display conferences is that this is entirely a multiplayer trailer. According to the representatives, this unveiled the new Warzone mode, the headquarters feature, and a few of the locations in game. Remember a few months back when the new CoD was said to feature a German campaign? Not a single trace of that in the trailer. No substantive gameplay, the clips fly by so fast you barely get to admire the scene before the whoosh of the next explosion. Clearly pandering to the crowd of people who watch this stuff frame by frame to analyze the minute details.

As far as factions and play style we see Americans fighting Germans in Europe, and Maybe some Russian troops… that is assuming they aren’t just Americans in trench coats using Russian weapons. No French resistance, no British SAS, no German perspective, just same old same old. The controversial feature that got everyone talking is completely gone. Nothing that was promised shortly after the world reveal is present.

To make it all worse, they even edited out the Nazi symbol from the flags in the game! Are we really pandering to NAZI’S now!? EVERYONE knows they were bad people. The entire world agreed, and stepped up to shut down their opperession and evil ways. There was even a war about it. You know, World War 2? WWII anyone? To drive home the final nail in this jumbled mess of random screen clips, they had to explicitly call this “multiplayer footage” because it’s so scripted it looks like campaign cutscenes. The dark and gritty themes the campaign is said to have completely disappear, for the same: Run-and-Gun, Lone-wolf, spray-and-pray, lowers-common-denominator gun play.

There was no innovation on display, the “Kill streaks” (yes, they’re back) look like overpowered free kill machines. Honestly, if CoD had said it was a campaign trailer, I would have been more understanding. I would have understood it. Escorting a tank in campaign? Makes sense. But when they trod out the same tired idea with a fresh coat of paint, after claiming for weeks that this was a revolution for the CoD franchise… well, let’s just say CoD hasn’t learned a thing. All their talk of change appears to be smoke and mirrors. They can’t seem to see the bombed out crater that was the forest for the blackened slivers that once were the trees. 

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This Article is written by Park Robinson

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