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Five Burning Questions For Call Of Duty That Need Answers

Call of Duty WWII has been a much better game that we expected it to be. It’s fun, engaging, and overall a title worth playing. However, there are still some questions we have about it that need answers.

CoD WW2 has been truly playing up to par. Gone are the days of weed camos, Gingerbread suits, and skill-gap compression. CoD has slowly but deliberately begun rising back up the totem pole against all odds. With new modes, new game concepts, and one of the most fair and just systems of in-game content/loot box mechanics to date. We’ve been notoriously hard on the game leading up to release, but, it turns out we were wrong. And honestly, we’re happy about that.

However, there are still some questions that come up that demand answers. No, not questions like: “Why isn’t Prop hunt offered on the DLC game mode list at the same time Gun Game is running?”

No, no, these are some questions you only have after playing CoD WW2 for several hours:

Why are servers so fucked up?

Seriously, even after all the bitching from launch and over the past few months. A person can expect a slightly lagging game to crash and kick you from the server every time they play the game. Now, CoD has claimed that the issue has been from the excessive amounts of players on one server, meanwhile, the various reddit posts have claimed anything from Non-regional players trying to connect in, hackers using recycled CoD coding and tools to bust out a frightening amount of Wall-spots, AIM-bots, Proximity Lag dampers, etc. Sadly, it only gets worse in Headquarters.

Idle players sit about, doing fuck all, jumping jacks, or squatting in mid air… which is entertaining for about three seconds. I feel a lot of server space could be opened up if idle players were kicked after five minutes. That’s enough time to take a piss, make a cup of tea, and pet the dog, right? This is a common thing used in MMO’s, albeit the time limit is usually longer. But for a game like CoD, 5-10 minutes would be more than adequate.

Why do some many people have weed associates names and titles?


No seriously, what is the allure. I live in a “weed legal” state, I was a High school student not very long ago. And it seems y’all are infatuated with the substance. “Kush-killa420”, “Dabz Swish69”, “Ganga-gansta”. Let me just say it now, y’all don’t come off as badass mofo’s. The only thing that comes to my brain is (A) You couldn’t come up with a better name? And (B) You’ve never smoked a real bowl in your life have you?

Now I know what everyone’s gonna say; I sound like an old fogey. But seriously, it’s not that weed is bad or anything, it’s just that these people strike me as the main demographic for Call of Duty… which is concerning because it hands the Anita Sarrkessian types actual validity in some aspects. Also on a side note, why are the same guys with Weed paraphernalia all over their everyday lives. You show me an angry gamer with a mic, I’ll put ten bucks down that his Gamertag, or call sign is associated with the Devils lettuce. To all these midnight tokers I say, isn’t weed supposed to mellow you out? Maybe your smoking the wrong stuff? I think your dealer sold you the “Lawn cuttings”.

Why do people blare shit music through the mic?

Now let me begin by saying this isn’t an issue specific to CoD, but it’s still an issue none the less.

It’s not that games can’t be amplified with some tunes, I only ask because the stuff you hear is almost always the same. Statistically speaking, there should be a variety of music on offer, but that’s not the case. The music is always garbled and staticky and it’s usually the “Versace Rap”. Because kids today have no idea who the Wu Tang Klan are. I know, I know, they’re just trying to troll, and that there is a mute button, and they’re gonna be on the bottom of the scoreboard anyway. It’s just jarring and annoying I suppose.

Why do all the maps have three lanes?

I felt this was one of the major issues we all had in CoD Black Ops 2. But pretty much every map save for Gustav Cannon, and The resistance DLC map which is a reskin from MW3, are three-lane highways. I assume this is CoD slowly walking out of the hole they’ve been digging for several years now. However, the issue persists all the way into War mode. Which is, multiplayer always devolves into a game of “run and gun”, regardless of the objective. War Mode can be explained away as an exercise common among salmon. Your run upstream to the objective only to meet the proverbial bears mouth, in this case, represented as a 16 year old Dudebro with an MG42 and a liberal understanding of the term “trigger discipline”. It’s such an issue even Forbes noticed it.

What was the plan behind the rocket launchers?

They both do the exact same thing other than the fact one is more powerful than the other. The Bazooka is listed as anti-air but doesn’t lock on (understandably and thankfully), and the Blast radius is 1 meter at best. I’m willing to bet they are afraid that the launchers would become the new Pro-pipes/Noob-Tube. However, since this weapon is a perk instead of an listed weapon, it’s not like you can have scavenger on with it. And the Expeditionary Corp’s scavenger perk only extends to grenades so… what’s the deal?

The launchers are good at blowing open walls in War mode, and they used to be able to destroy hedgehog Tank traps. However post patch it takes two rockets and a satchel charge at least to break them and two rockets on the walls.

The other annoying bit is that the weapon skins for them are tied to shooting down planes, which only really works on spy planes as they are the most common, and since they don’t lock-on to the planes like the LAW from Black ops did, it’s rarely done. It seems like a weapon they threw in the game and didn’t know how to implement it and hoped it pass by unnoticed.

What compelled you to add two double barrel shotguns?


Seriously, couldn’t they have just removed the Rapid fire perk from the Luftwaffe Drilling shotgun. Made a sawn-off attachment, then put another shotgun in place? I only used the sawn-off to get the diamond camp and that was a slog.

Why aren’t paint jobs up and running in Headquarters?

This was something I looked forward to being an “Artsy” type and all. I knew it was going to be filled with Pickle Rick skins and weed camos by day’s end. But I actually had some cool ideas for really intricate paint jobs and themed weapons. Yet, every time I go to prestige a weapon it just says “coming soon”. Christ CoD, the heat death of the universe is coming too, who’s gonna get here first I reckon? It’s a shame too because on day 0, that’s actually day 2 but the servers kept failing. I was pumped to make my own custom paint jobs. Now I sit here, designs piling up, and interest hemorrhaging like a bad case of my ego having ebola.

What was the idea behind the Signal Flare and Poison Gas?

On contraire mon frere, for the Signal Flare to cause oh so much need to swear. For the glare incurred from the flare is far too much for snipers to bare. Your allies and teammates will also need some air, from the flare. The flares glare is meant to be a kick in the eye by a mare. But I do declare the glare is a splitting of hair. To compare.

The Gas is a blast if you want to be an ass. Throw it fast, and long it will last. It won’t stop enemies from making it past. But its mass is vast, that poison gas. The cloud looks like ass, it’s green as a bass, worst item for any class. So give the gas a pass. Take a smoke or stun for that kind of fun. Against the gas, a grenade of smoke you can’t see past. Stuns are like toy guns, they look real and make a big blast, far more useful than the gas.

So for fun and a poke: Take the stun, and smoke. To be an ass, and a burden to bare, take the gas and flare.

Editors note… I’m sorry for that…

How can some of the epic loot boxes contain three common items/XP boosts?


Any decent CoD player will attest that the XP boosts in CoD really aren’t necessary, even at the worst of times. An additional 25% to a kill isn’t enough for poor players to make up the difference in the hardened death machines roaming about. Plus nothing is more annoying than fulfilling an epic Contract from Quartermaster, only to get a common calling card, and some XP boosts. I know CoD has a very fan friendly loot box system, and that the rare stuff can get obtained in bribes or by buying it with armory credits. It’s just kind of annoying once you buy almost everything as the grind starts to set in. Maybe a slight adjustment to the algorithm is in order?


Call of Duty: WWII is certainly an improvement over recent past games, and does a lot right, however, it still has some annoying design choices. There are just a few of the burning questions that we feel demand an answer from the CoD developers. I’m not saying it isn’t a great game, and real progress has been made in bringing back the feel of the golden age of Call of Duty.

If you had a question about the game that wasn’t addressed, leave a comment and tell us something you felt needed to be brought to light.

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